Yale Easy Fit 960H 2 Camera CCTV Kit Review

Ref: YL-YCK-H48002-960H
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7.3 / 10 based on 1 reviews.

£149.99 inc. VAT
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8 September 2016
Rated 7.4 / 10Rated 7.4 / 10Rated 7.4 / 10Rated 7.4 / 10Rated 7.4 / 10 7.4 / 10

I recently fitted two of these cameras into a property I was renovating. It was easy in this case to run the wires to the DVR, as I was able to design in the cable runs at the house design stage. I imagine it would be a little more challenging to fit on an existing structure. The DVR is connected to the TV, which makes accessing the setup fairly easy. However, the need to use the provided mouse to manipulate the menus is a bit clunky in this setup. Having the DVR next to a desktop monitor would be easier.

If you wish to use the remote monitoring facility using the Yale CCTV app, the DVR also needs to be connected to your router via ethernet cable. Again, this is an issue if the DVR and router are in different rooms, as they are in my house. In the end, I used powerline adapters at each end which seems to work fine. A wireless connection would be much easier though.

Setting up the system with the mouse is simple, but time consuming and I found the setup not to be intuitive. Also, I have yet to be able to setup an email alert for movement detection etc, despite several attempts. To be honest, the instructions with the system were not that detailed in regard to connecting to the internet and associated issues such as email. The next step is for me to contact Yale directly.

The system is robust and reliable and does the job I bought it for. It was good value for money, but a bit dated in some of its applications. I have managed workarounds to most of the limiting factors, but would really like that email function to work!

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