Burg Wachter Ranger S1 Gun Safes - Electronic Locking Series

    Police approved gun safe, exceeding BS 7558.
    Insurance approved by AiS.
    Digital keypad with LCD display and 6 digit PIN.
    Fingerprint locking with up to 20 fingerprints.
    3 way live locking bolts provide extra security.
    Security level tested to European standard EN 14450 S1.
    Internal compartment for ammo supplied with two keys.
    Includes holders for cleaning rods on the back of the door.
    Height adjustable foam gun rack.
    Supplied in a black scratch resistant paint.
    2 Year warranty.
Thumbnail of Burg Wachter Ranger S1E - 5 Gun Safe Thumbnail of Burg Wachter Ranger S1E - 7 Gun Safe
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ModelExternal Dimensions
Internal Dimensions
Gun CapacityAmmo Compartment
5 Gun
1450 x 300 x 315mm1295 x 295 x 250mm3 - 5 Guns150 x 293 x 240mm95 ltr63 kg
£485.65 inc. VAT
7 Gun
1450 x 400 x 315mm1230 x 395 x 250mm6 - 8 Guns112 x 272 x 155mm120 ltr82 kg
£631.84 inc. VAT