De Raat DNS Eurograde 0 Deposit Safes Series

  • Eurograde 0 - Cash rating £6,000.
  • Certified and tested European standard EN 1143-2.
  • Front loading drawer deposit function with key lock.
  • High security double bitted key lock supplied with two keys.
  • Maximum deposit size 128 x 208 x 70mm (HxWxD).
  • Optional electronic locking available.
  • Suitable for floor fixing (bolts included).
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ModelExternal Dimensions
Internal Dimensions
Live Locking BoltsShelvesCapacityWeightPrice
650 x 480 x 460mm280 x 280 x 300mm4-23 ltr118 kg
£1422.40 inc. VAT
830 x 480 x 460mm460 x 280 x 300mm4-38 ltr137 kg
£1555.20 inc. VAT
990 x 600 x 460mm620 x 440 x 300mm5181 ltr173 kg
£1699.20 inc. VAT