Phoenix NEXT - Oak Series

  • £3,000 insurance rating, 60 minute fire rating.
  • Digital keypad with touch screen and 4-16 digit PIN.
  • Fingerprint locking with up to 128 fingerprints.
  • Anti-tamper alarm to deter burglars.
  • Double walled steel body and door with anti-drill protection.
  • Door includes five 32mm diameter locking bolts.
  • Also available in White, Black or Cherry wood door finish.
  • Installs to floor (fixing kit included).
Thumbnail of Phoenix NEXT LS7001 Oak Luxury SafeThumbnail of Phoenix NEXT LS7002 Oak Luxury SafeThumbnail of Phoenix NEXT LS7003 Oak Luxury Safe
ModelExternal Dimensions
Internal Dimensions
ShelvesExtra FeaturesCapacityWeightPrice
600 x 500 x 545mm425 x 370 x 300mm1Luxury felt lined jewellery drawer.52Ltr107Kg
£1779.60 inc. VAT
800 x 500 x 550mm625 x 375 x 310mm2Luxury felt lined jewellery drawers.76Ltr130Kg
£2020.80 inc. VAT
900 x 500 x 550mm725 x 375 x 305mm2Luxury felt lined jewellery drawers.88Ltr145Kg
£2115.60 inc. VAT