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Community Security with the Safeland App & ERA

What is Safeland?

Safeland is a free communication system (formally known as Trygve) that allows a community to connect via a smart phone app or computer. In the event of a burglary, everyone is alerted and can hold a text conversation to pull the neighbourhood together to deal with the situation as a team.

Great for small communities and Neighbourhood Watch areas, the system takes a conversation away from general social chats about rubbish bin collections, to just about a security situation.

Even better, Safeland can connect to any ERA Burglar Alarm. If the alarm is triggered, it will immediately alert your Safeland community taking the conversation to a whole new, real time level.

Why Use Safeland?


You have an alarm. It has gone off and you know someone is in your house. What next?

Your friends list in your alarm will know. Maybe they will call you. You can call the police, but you know they may not get to you as quickly as you need and you need help now.

For Safeland Connected Communities, you are never on your own. Your ERA alarm will alert your community and they can be at their window or on hand to help you. With witnesses, people taking an interest, there is little chance someone can escape without being identified.

As Safeland communities grow, intruders will be extra cautious about entering a Safeland connected community – why would they risk it when there are plenty of other areas to go at?

How does it work?

First, you connect your ERA home alarm to Safeland

Next, you connect your alarm to a private group of your most trusted neighbours in Safeland. This can be a group you create specially for your home, or it can be a group you're already a member of in Safeland. You can connect it to multiple groups, too - it's up to you.

Your home alarm will alert the members of these groups when your alarm is triggered. They will together see your home alarm event in Safeland and work together to fix the problem as a team.

How much does it cost?

To connect your home alarm to Safeland costs £49 a year (or £4.90 a month).

The Safeland app is completely free - which means any neighbours you want involved in your group to look out for your home don't need to spend a penny.

How do I get connected?

When you purchase your ERA alarm we'll include simple instructions in the box on how to sign up for Safeland Connect Homes.

Be sure to download the Safeland app and encourage your neighbours to get involved to be part of a connected community.

Safeland-Compatible Alarms

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch champions the culture of neighbours and local resources working together to increase safety. This culture is enhanced in Safeland, by allowing members to communicate easily and boost the profile of their watch in the area.

Neighbourhood Watches are being encouraged to use Safeland to modernise their way of operating. Become a member or start your own Neighbourhood Watch over at

The app has not only been good at creating a community in Newton Leys, but we have also been able to help with a few incidents of anti-social behaviour and thefts, by being able to pass more information onto police.

Ben Dimmock
NHW Coordinator & Police Sgt, Newton Leys

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