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I was wondering if this post box has some sort of spring loaded flap to prevent thieves from stealing my letters. If not could you kindly recommend me a post box that would fit my needs.
John, Hodges
This unit does not have a spring loaded flap but does have a smaller loading slot which may prevent mail to be stolen. Although you may want to have a look at our Brabantia - B410 Dark Grey Post Box which is fitted with security slats to prevent mail from being stolen.
Javaid H, 25 Sep 2015
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Can the keys that come with this be copied at a key cutter as I will need to create spares?
Ian McArthur, London
Yes, key's can be cut at most established locksmiths.
Tom W, 29 Jun 2016
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Would it be possible to fix the Brabantia box to a stone wall? I am thinking that the wall of a stone house is not as smooth as that of a brick house and it might cause problems.
Pauline, Mytholmroyd
The fixings supplied are designed for use with solid surfaces such as concrete, brick or stone. For a secure fix the unit will need to be fixed flush to the wall.
Phil R, 29 Sep 2016
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Would a pebbledash wall be a problem?
Marie, Coleraine
No, you should have no problem fixing this post box to a pebble-dash wall.
Anthony N, 28 Mar 2015
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Is it flat topped or slanting?
Jane moores, Haverhill
This particular post box does have a slightly slanted top.
John W, 23 Mar 2015
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Can this Brabantia postbox be fitted to a metal railing type gate?
This unit is designed to be fitted flush to a solid surface such as an external wall. You may be able to attach this to a metal railing gate but this is something that you would need to customise yourself. We do offer a range of Fence & Gate Post Boxes on the website should you wish to consider these.
Phil R, 13 Oct 2014
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Does the top have to be lifted up to drop letters in or is there a slot underneath it for letters to be posted? If the top has to be lifted does it shut automatically?
Alan, Leeds
The protective flap does have to be lifted in order for post to be deposited. The flap does have to be manually closed in order to secure back in place.
Christian B, 5 Mar 2019
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Can this be mounted to gate railings?
Haley, London
Yes installing this with cable ties is an option, however this post box does not have a rear access facility. For installation to vertical railings I can recommend the Black Railings Post Box.
Tom W, 7 Jun 2017
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