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What happens if The power or wifi is cut and you don’t have a SIM card
Are u notified still ?
Also are the live video feeds stored anywhere and for how long ?
Hanna, Coventry
If the power and WiFi is cut, The alarm will still function as it has a back up battery built inside the HUB. You will not receive notifications until a WiFi connection has been re-established. The live video feeds for the camera are stored using an SD card.
Christian B, 29 Jan 2020
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I have CCTV in my house at the moment can this cave connect to the CCTV that I currently have or does it have to be one you supply
Dan, Harlow
This alarm would not connect to any 3rd party CCTV system it would always run as a separate system.
Phil R, 1 Sep 2020
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Does the cave alarm come with anti-tamper and anti jamming technology?
Gadi , Manchester
The Cave alarms include anti-interference technology. The alarm will be triggered if the system receives interference signals.
Christian B, 25 Jan 2020
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If the external siren is wired in does that also charge the batteries in the unit. Also the same question for the internal hub.
David, York
The Siren which comes with this kit is battery powered only. The HUB whilst hard wired will also charge the back up battery.
Christian B, 16 Mar 2021
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Does the veho system have a wifi video doorbell that can be added.
Alan hawley, Luton
There isnt a compatible doorbell for this system.
Phil R, 3 Mar 2021
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How do you arm/disarm the alarm if there is no power? Does the key fob still work or does it require your router to be switched on?
The alarm has a back up battery installed so if there is a power cut it will revert to this. The keyfob will still work in this instance and would not require the router.
Phil R, 24 Aug 2020
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Does this alarm work with googlehome?
Ryanchurch , Broughshane
Unfortunately this product is not compatible with Google Home. However the ERA HomeGuard Smart Alarm Pro - Junior Kit is compatible with Alexa,Google Assistant and light wave.
Tom W, 20 Jan 2020
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Are there smoke or heat detector options for this Cave system ?
Stevie, Belfast
There are currently no option for smoke or heat detectors on this system.
Christian B, 12 May 2020
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How does the cellular ( sim)back up works?
Raja, Newcastle
In the event of loss of internet connection the alarm system reverts to the SIM card to send notifications of alarm activation.
Phil R, 13 Oct 2020
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Does the door monitor equipment have to be flush, when the door is closed. Only most doors these days are not flush to the frame also does the system work with Android.
Matthew Davies, Caerphilly
I would advise on on having the Door contacts as flush as possible, no more than 1-2MM distance between both components. This System is compatible with IOS 9.0 and above and Android 4.1 and above.
Tom W, 3 Mar 2020
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Can you adjust the alarm volume and duration?
Stephanie Gonley, London
It is possible to adjust the siren volume to either low, medium, high or mute. It is also possible to change the siren duration to either 1 or 5 minutes.
Antony A, 25 Oct 2021
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Is there a subscription fee to use the app?
Anon, London
There is no subscription fee for this app.
Phil R, 22 Apr 2021
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Will the alarm system work independently of any internet connection in all respects. What indications are available of alarm e.t.c if you do not happen to have your Phone to hand?
Barry, Doncaster
The alarm will still work as normal if not connected to the broadband router. However there is no way to tell if the alarm has been activated without establishing a Wi-Fi connection from the HUB to your broadband router.
Christian B, 19 Apr 2021
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Does the veho cave hub need to be connected to the router or does it work over wifi?
Andrew Hodgkins, Plymouth
The hub can be connected to your internet router via wifi.
Phil R, 6 Apr 2021
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Would it be feasible to operate the Veho alarm solely with the sim card as we have no fixed wifi. If yes should the alarm activate whilst we are away can it be reset via the sms system. If not feasible can you recommend any other options.
steve hookins, frinton on sea
Yes the alarm can be operated via the SIM card for notifications, however you will need wifi or data connection to be able to use the app on your phone to operate the alarm.
Phil R, 25 Mar 2021
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Can a key pad be used with this alarm system, I'm not keen on using and app or fob to arm/disarm the system.
Lewis, Bury
Unfortunately Cave do not currently manufacture a keypad for this alarm. You may be interested in the Yale Sync Smart Home Alarms, which include a keypad as standard.
Jonathan P, 29 Jun 2020
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Can you Part Set the Veho Cave Smart Home Alarm?
Vishal Kumar, Romford
You can part arm this system for two zones.
Anne K, 2 Jun 2020
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Does this have a dead or low battery indicator? For example if the batteries in a sensor die or are low - is there a light indicator or do you receive a notification via the app advising to to change the battery?
Anonymous, birmingham
The App will alert you to the batteries running low on each component.
Christian B, 12 May 2020
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How do you disarm this alarm without the keyfob??
Martin, Northampton
You are able to arm and disarm the alarm using the smartphone app.
Christian B, 20 Jan 2020
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Is the motion sensor really pet friendly? We have a cat and are concerned the alarm will be set off.
Aggie, Baldock
The sensors for the cave system are pet friendly.
Christian B, 20 Feb 2020
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