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I am interested in buying the FireStar Safe but like some of the reviews feel nervous about relying on the electronic lock. The plastic looks flimsy. How would I get access if the lock was maliciously damaged or it just failed?
Although an electronic lock cannot be considered 100% failure proof it is very unusual for a lock to fail. Problems generally experienced by electronic locks tend to be forgotten PIN codes and flat batteries. If you forget your code we can supply a unique master-reset code on production of a proof of purchase and the batteries are installed from the outside of the door and can easily be replaced should they go flat.

In the unlikely event of a failure a qualified locksmith would be required to open the safe. If this occurred during the warranty period the safe would be replaced if required.
Anne K, 13 Apr 2016
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We are thinking of buying this fire safe, please could you advise on the size/type of fixings that secure it to the floor, as we need to check with our premises that we'd be able to attach it without causing any damage.
The fixing bolts provided with this safe are called Expansion Bolts, with the dimensions - Length: 105mm and Diameter: 12mm. The bolt is designed to anchor against the material it is bolted to, the optimum being a solid concrete surface.

Phil R, 9 Jan 2015
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Is there any reason I can't fit this safe in a cellar below ground level within a solid stone wall? The base would be secured into a concrete pad as you suggest and then I would fill all around the back and sides with expanding foam simply to offer more insulation. The cellar is dry and at a constant 12 degrees all year round. The hole to be fitted into is not near an outside wall and so is not prone to any external water.
Anonymous, Sheffield
Fitting the safe into the cellar is perfectly fine providing it is not subject to damp conditions. The FireStar Series comes prepared for floor fixing rather than to the wall due to the fire protection. Our advice is to install to a concrete floor.
Tom W, 27 Jan 2017
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What size drill bit do you need to fix this to a concrete floor?
The drill bit size needed for the installation is 12mm.
Steven T, 18 Apr 2018
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I am looking to put the safe in our bedroom on the first floor. Can the safe be bolted to the floorboards? Or does it require to be installed into concrete?
Steven Cullum, Edinburgh
The safe ideally needs to be installed to a concrete or brick surface. Floorboards, unless fixing into the joist, are not strong enough. If you don't have a solid floor surface, you could consider a chemical (glue) installation.
Phil R, 26 Sep 2016
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Is the safe fireproof even with the bolt holes in the bottom?
Jonathan, Devon
The safe arrives with a rubber plug inside each of the bolt holes in the bottom of the safe. This will ensure the safe is air tight and fire proof. The safe is designed to be installed to a solid concrete floor by using the fixing bolts included. Once installed correctly, the safe will be secured from theft and air tight to allow up to 60 minutes fire protection in up to 945° C heat.
Jonathan P, 16 Jul 2014
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We have this safe installed and want to change the security code.
Barbara , Ronald
Please find instructions for how to change the combination here
Anne K, 7 Oct 2016
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Can the FireStar safe be wall mounted?
Mike Griffin, Daventry
Our FireStar safe is only suitable for base fixing to a concrete floor due to its 60 minute fire rating. We do offer wall mount fire safes but they only include a 30 minute fire rating.

Anne K, 13 Apr 2016
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Please could you tell me, is this safe water proof as well?
This safe offers Fire Protection only. While the safe may not instantly take in water if covered by a sprinkler system or hose, no official water resistance test has been carried out on the safe and the fire seal itself is not water tight.

We do offer these Waterproof Safes.
Phil R, 29 May 2014
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I would need to install on a wooden floor against a brick wall. Is there any reason why the safe could not be mounted on its back thus enabling the base to be bolted into the brick wall?
Mellings, Barnsley
Mounting the safe on its back is not possible as there are no pre-drilled holes in the back of this safe as it would compromise the fire protection.
Tom W, 12 Sep 2019
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How do I find the installation video?
David segar, York
The install video is located in the Q&A section on the product page.
Anne K, 26 Jan 2019
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Does the shelf come out? so upright files can go in.
John Glanville-Taylor, Croydon
The adjustable shelf can be removed to create more space if needed.
Anne K, 22 Jan 2019
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Is there an option to have the hinge on the left hand side please?
Bill Harley, Camberley
This safe is only available in a right hand hinge.
Javaid H, 30 Dec 2016
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I have FireStar Safe Medium installed however, if I need to change the password/code how can I change as I have no instruction book. Can you help please?
Danny, Leicester
You can download the user guide here.
Tom W, 7 Oct 2016
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I do not have the ability to secure this safe to a concrete floor. Would this safe still offer fire protection, for example if I filled the securing bolt holes with a bolt and nut?
Pete, Oxford
Each size in the Safe FireStar Series includes rubber plugs which seal the fixing holes. These are to be removed before installing with the fixing kit, or left in place if not bolted down to ensure the unit remains sealed.
Phil R, 20 Jun 2016
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How do you secure the safe in a house with wooden floors?
John, Glasgow
If wooden floor is your only option then you may want to try and find the wood joist which will give you a more secure fix. Alternatively you can use a chemical adhesive which will "glue" the safe into position permanently.
Javaid H, 7 Mar 2016
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My floors are suspended timber floors in a new bungalow. (Chipboard over polystyrene and concrete beams beneath). Will they be acceptable for fixing the safe?
Mal, Lowestoft
It is imperative that the bolts are submerged into a concrete base this depends on the depth between the wood and the concrete void. However longer bolts can be purchased from DIY shops if needed.
Tom W, 21 Dec 2015
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Where do I find the serial number for my firestar home safe (TSS-FSHL)?
The serial number is on the bottom right hand side of the safe. The lock number for this unit can be found in the keypad under the batteries if needed.
Javaid H, 9 Nov 2015
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I bought this safe last month and am very happy with it. However it makes a lot of noise when typing in the pin and opening it. How do you silence the safe please?
Unfortunately this safe does not come with a silence feature. An option we know other customers have used is to add a piece of tape over the speaker. This will not mute the tones but will dull it.
John W, 15 May 2015
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Hi, is it OK to drill the rear of the Firestar safe to anchor to a strong concrete wall.
You should never drill your own holes in a fire safe as it will compromise the fire protection and void your warranty. This fire safe is tested with the pre-drilled holes in the base only. Selected fire safes have holes in the back but offer a much lower fire rating of 30 minutes.
Jonathan P, 19 Nov 2014
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Once this safe it bolted to the ground can it be un-bolted and re-installed if I moved premises?
David, Hull
This safe could be removed and re-located if required. A socket spanner set would be needed to undo the fixings and new fixings acquired to re-install.
Phil R, 23 Sep 2014
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We bought this safe a few months ago but are only just getting around to installing it. Your video says we will get a unique master code, we can't find this anywhere, how can we find this out. Why do we have 1st code and a 2nd code?
Mrs J Brock, Haverhill
The purpose of the 1st and 2nd user codes is to allow you to temporarily issue a 2nd access code in the event that someone else would need to access the safe on your behalf, without you having to reveal the primary access code that you have set for yourself, this second code can be erased when no longer required. There is also a unique master code for each safe that can be generated in the event of lock out. This code must be formally requested via email and include proof of purchase and the serial number of the safe it is required for.
Phil R, 23 Sep 2014
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Do these safes come ready to use, with no further lining or fireproofing needed?
Yes, no further lining or fireproofing is required to obtain the full fire protection stated with this model.
Anthony N, 28 Apr 2014
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What diameter are the bolts that fix the safe to the floor (7mm/M7 or 8mm/M8)?
Tomas Gable, Bristol
The diameter of the fixing bolts is 12mm and 105mm in length. These bolts are best anchored to a solid concrete surface.
Steven T, 19 Dec 2017
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It is reported in one of the reviews that it is difficult to keep paper dry and prevent mould.. How can this be prevented?
L.Dunbar, Nuneaton
Though this could potentially happen with any safe it is rare. Having the safe positioned where the temperature fluctuates or not opening the safe regularly are the main causes. Opening the door allows air circulation and products such as silica gel packs can reduce any moisture build up inside the safe.
Phil R, 3 Jan 2017
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Hi, would it be possible to open the safe if someone cut off the external hinges?
Mick, Blackburn
Each model has two fixed dog bolts on the inside of the door on the hinge side. If the hinges are removed, the door will remain in place.
Jonathan P, 30 Jul 2015
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In the event of a fire how do you access the safe if the keypad is destroyed by fire? I like the idea of having a key but I couldn't find any on your website that met all the other requirements.
Thanks for your help.
Most electronic lock safes involved in a fire will generally require a locksmith to open them as the keypad will almost certainly have melted. Even a key lock safe might require the aid of a locksmith as the heat can distort the metal body making the door difficult to move and the lock might be damaged stopping the key turning in the lock.

We offer a life-time fire warranty on our FireStar safes and would arrange for an engineer to open the safe and recover any items inside the safe. The safe would also be replaced free of charge.
Phil R, 1 May 2014
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I have been looking at your FireStar Safe and before I buy one, please could you tell me how I should get it open if the batteries in the lock have gone flat?
The battery compartment on our FireStar safes is located on the outside of the safe door allowing you to replace the batteries without having to open the door.
Tom W, 29 Apr 2014
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