Phoenix Cosmos 9954e

(Discontinued 07/08/2015)

Phoenix Cosmos 9954e

(Discontinued 07/08/2015)


This Product has Been Replaced With:

Phoenix Cosmos HS9075e
342Ltr Eurograde 5 Digital Safe
  • Eurograde 5 - Cash rating £100,000 or valuables rating £1,000,000.
  • Tested and certified by ECBS to EN 1143-1.
  • Approved by the Association of Insurance Surveyors (AiS).
  • Dual Lock - high security key lock and VdS class II electronic combination lock powered by 1 x 9v battery (included).
  • Lock includes 8 user codes with each PIN 6 digits in length and time delay option as standard.
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Ref: PH-HS9075E
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Product Details
Phoenix Safe Cosmos 9954e

The Cosmos 100 Eurograde 5 Series from Phoenix Safes is available in a range of 4 sizes and offers high security protection from theft.

The Phoenix Cosmos safes are tested and certified to Eurograde 5 EN 1143-1 standard ensuring an approved Eurograde 5 cash rating of £100,000 or valuables rating of £1,000,000*.

Models ending "k" are secured with two high security, double bitted Class II/B key locks, supplied two keys per lock. Models ending "e" are secured by a key lock and an electronic combination lock with its own user changeable PIN code.

All four sizes of the Grade 5 Cosmos safes are constructed using an outer and inner steel plate casing on both door and walls. Additional security is provided by high resistance composite materials, with metallic fibres and layers of reinforcing armour with great mechanical and thermal resistance.

The bolt work operates on three sides of the door using 30mm diameter bolts. In the event of an attack, automatic re-locking systems trigger all the locking devices.

The Cosmos 100 Eurograde 5 Series is finished in an attractive scratch resistant paint and is ready prepared for floor fixing (supplied with fixing bolts).


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