Swann DVR-4780 4 Channel 3 Megapixel - 4 Camera True Detect CCTV Kit

(Discontinued 08/03/2019)

Swann DVR-4780 4 Channel 3 Megapixel - 4 Camera True Detect CCTV Kit

(Discontinued 08/03/2019)


This Product has Been Replaced With:

Swann Ultra HD 4K - 4 Camera
Enforcer CCTV Kit
  • SWDVK-856804RL
  • Ultra HD 4K ?
  • 2TB Hard Drive
  • 8 Channel DVR
  • Motion & Heat Detection
  • Colour Night Vision
  • Alexa & Google
Thumbnail of Swann SWDVK-856804RL 8 Channel Ultra HD 4K - 4 Camera Enforcer CCTV Kit
Ref: SWDVK-856804RL-EU
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Product Details
The Swann DVR-4780 4 Channel 3 Megapixel - 4 True Detect Camera CCTV Kit with multi channel playback includes four weather resistant cameras rated to IP66 with enhanced infrared LED night vision providing a range of up to 30m. The system also includes a 1TB hard drive and has four channels to support recording from all four cameras.

The PRO-3MPMSB cameras can be set to record continuously, at a set time or only when motion or heat is detected, providing more reliable notifications and recordings and making it much easier to view important footage, while at the same saving on hard disk space. The Swann DVR4-4780 provides crystal clear high quality 3 megapixel resolution recording and playback via your TV, SmartPhone or Tablet using the SwannView Link App* (available for iOS and Android).

Trusted Brand

Swann is a global leader in security monitoring, consumer electronics and security-centric solutions for the smart homes and businesses of today and tomorrow. Home and business needs, and technology, continue to evolve but Swann's commitment is to always deliver security made smarter.

Feature Packed Digital Video Recorder

  • Smart Search lets you select a specific area of the image to search for movement within the recordings.
  • QuickShot - sift through footage from all cameras simultaneously
  • QuickReview - plays multiple recordings from the same camera simultaneously

Speak to See with Google Assistant

View footage from your security cameras in real-time on your Smart TV using voice commands via the Google Assistant and Chromecast. Swann's voice assistant-enabled systems allow you to see what your cameras can see using voice commands. Customise commands such as, "OK Google, show me the front door."

Download the voice control guide

True Detect Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras, with Swann's True Detect PIR thermal sensing technology, reliably detects heat-generating moving objects, such as a person, car or large pets and eliminates false triggers due to moving trees or rain. Only recording what you want to view reduces playback time and saves hard drive space.
Resolution guide

3 Megapixel Recording & Playback

Record each camera in 3MP resolution, then play back either on your SmartPhone or using the included HDMI cable attached to a compatible TV. (Also supports VGA output, cable not supplied.)

View Your Home On Your SmartPhone

In addition to viewing from your TV it is easy to view recorded and real time footage from your SmartPhone or Tablet using the SwannView Link App* available for iOS and Android.

Install is quick and easy - install the app, scan the QR code sticker on your CCTV system & start viewing.

* For remote viewing via SmartPhone this CCTV system requires a broadband internet connection with a router that includes one free wired network port. SmartPhone must be iOS 6.0 and above or Android 4.0 and above.

Smartphone App

QuickShot Cloud with Dropbox

QuickShot lets you upload still images to your Dropbox account, allowing you to access snapshots from your security cameras online - even if your security system is stolen.

Massive Hard Drive & USB Backup

The 1TB hard drive is chosen especially for continuously recording months worth of video.

By using a USB memory stick or external hard drive you can backup recorded footage from the Hybrid DVR and transfer to other devices or pass on to others should the need arise.

In the box

Hybrid DVR
1x DVR-4780 Hybrid DVR
  • 1TB built-in Hard Drive
  • 4x BNC Video-In ports
  • 4x RCA Audio-In port
  • 1x RCA Audio-Out port
  • 1x LAN port
  • 3x USB 2.0
  • HDMI, VGA video output
  • Size (HxWxD): 53 x 275 x 220mm
True Detect Heat Detection Bullet Camera
4x PRO-3MPMSB Bullet Cameras
  • 3MP resolution
  • True Detect™ heat & motion detection up to 10m
  • Night vision up to 30m
  • Viewing angle of 70°
  • Suitable for use indoors or outdoors (IP66)
  • 1x BNC Video-Out port
BNC 15m Camera Cables
4x 18m Video & Power Cables
  • Tight locking, secure & can't accidentally disconnect
  • Single cable links video and power to each camera
  • Includes analogue BNC coupler for extending existing cables
Accessories - Mouse
  • Mouse
  • Ethernet Cable
  • HDMI Cable
  • Power Adaptor
  • Fitting Kit (screws & plugs)
  • Theft Deterrent Stickers

Recording Time Calculator

Use our Recording Time Calculator to determine how many days storage you can expect from this 4 camera, 1TB hard drive, 3MP CCTV system. If using motion detection we generally advise setting the most commonly used camera to 4 hours. We have set all other cameras to 2 hours as an estimate, but you can change this below to suit your needs.

* Based on using the default settings; system will begin to overwrite existing footage once storage is full.

Cameras Recording Hours / Day
Max Recording Time: {{ getTotalDays(cameras.slice(0, 4), res, '1TB') | roundWhole }} days* {{ getTotalDays(cameras.slice(0, 4), res, '1TB', 24) | roundWhole }} days*
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FAQs [25]

FAQs (25)

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Can you set 2 cameras to record continuously and 2 to record based on motion?
James, St.Neots
Each individual camera can be set to either continuous record or motion detection. You can customise this in the options menu.
Tom W
Was this helpful? 22
My dad wants a system like this but doesn't have internet, can he still use this and view recorded footage on a monitor without the use of Ethernet connection.
Miransa, Newcastle
Internet connection is only required to receive alerts and access the remote viewing. The system will work perfectly fine without internet connectivity.
Tom W
Was this helpful? 21
Can I use a Wi-Fi extender with a hard wired Ethernet connection (Wireless connection to my existing router) and connect the DVR to the extender to allow off-site monitoring?
Simon, Gale
Providing the Swann DVR is connected to your home broadband via the Ethernet cable provided, there should be no issues.
Tom W
Was this helpful? 23
Is this 1080p, it doesn’t state the resolution.
Roy Davies, Ledbury
3MP would give you 1.5x More pixels than the standard 1080P variation. 1080P resolution is (1920 x 1080) where as 3MP would be (1920 x 1536).
Tom W
Was this helpful? 22
Can one system be accessed by several smartphones owned by different people. We are a family who wish to share the responsibility of monitoring our Alzheimer's -affected mother /grandmother.
Secondly one of the family lives in Thailand. Will he be able to access the system on his smartphone from there?
Ken, Chorley
A total of 10 devices can access remote viewing anywhere in the world as long as you have the Swann App downloaded.
Tom W
Was this helpful? 12
Do you need a seperate monitor or can it be viewed on your TV?
Lee Hodkinson, Melton Mowbray
It is possible to view live or recorded footage via your smartphone, monitor or TV. A HDMI cable is included for TV viewing.
Tom W
Was this helpful? 13
Can you isolate the motion sensor on the cameras individually?
Mark, Stilton
Each camera can be customised separately, allowing motion detection settings for individual cameras.
Tom W
Was this helpful? 11
Can you clip copy certain video footage that you want from the recording, how easy would this be?
Michael, Devon
Transferring specific video is very easy, once you are familiar with the system. You can edit any data saved on the DVR and transfer it via USB.
Tom W
Was this helpful? 11
If there is a power cut will the cameras still work? If not, can you recommend a system that will please?
Luke , Minster on Sea
These Swann CCTV kits require power in order to record. You may wish to look at the Arlo Pro Wireless CCTV Kits, as they are battery operated.
Tom W
Was this helpful? 13
Will it work on a laptop with windows 7?
Graham Everitt, KENNINGTON
Remote viewing would work on a Laptop using windows 7.
Tom W
Was this helpful? 2
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