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I brought a DVR8-4575 true detect thermal sensing 4 camera kit of yourselves a few weeks back but I want to add some extra camera's and just wondering if the 3mp true detect dome camera's would be compatible with the kit.
jason mcalpine, luton
As the system you have has 1080P resolution I would recommend the Swann Outdoor HD 1080p True Detect CCTV Dome Camera (Twin Pack).
Tom W, 20 Aug 2018
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Do I need the Swann cctv kit?
Dan ash, Bristol
These cameras are designed to be used in conjunction with Swann HD 1080p True Detect Camera CCTV Kits and must be plugged in to the DVR in order to record video footage.
Tom W, 7 Jun 2018
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Does the 1080p twin bullet pack come with a 4 way power splitter as I would be adding to a 4 camera dvr currently only running 2 cameras?
GRAEME FISHER, Barrow upon Soar
The twin packs of cameras are supplied with a 2 way splitter as standard.
Tom W, 12 Jun 2019
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Which add-on Swann CCTV cameras are compatible with a Swann SDVR-44600H please?
Hywel, Bangor
We do not sell any products related to the Swann SDVR-44600H. However the cameras which would be compatible are the SWPRO1080-ZLB.
Tom W, 4 Jun 2019
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Do you have black cameras as well as white?
teodor popa, Slough
All the Swann CCTV cameras we supply are white.
Tom W, 23 May 2019
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I want to use this in conjunction with a burglar alarm system, does the CCTV system always record once triggered by its own motion or heat sensors OR can it also be triggered to record from an external input such as from my burglar alarm after its being triggered?
Can it interface with a home burglar alarm system at all?
Andrew Baxendale, Preston, Lancs, UK
If set to motion detection the CCTV Cameras will automatically start to record once movement has been detected. The CCTV cannot be linked to the alarm system where one would trigger the other, they will be 2 separate systems.
Phil R, 11 Jan 2019
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