Yale Easy Fit 960H 4 Camera CCTV Kit

(Discontinued 26/04/2017)

Yale Easy Fit 960H 4 Camera CCTV Kit

(Discontinued 26/04/2017)


This Product has Been Replaced With:

Yale HD 1080p - 4 Camera
Essentials CCTV Kit
  • Full HD 1080p ?
  • 1TB Hard Drive
  • 4 Channel DVR
  • Motion Detection
  • Night Vision
  • Yale Smart Living
Thumbnail of Yale Essentials 4 Channel HD 1080p - 4 Camera CCTV Kit
Ref: YL-SV-4C-4ABFX-2
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Product Details
The Yale Easy Fit CCTV range is designed to help you keep your home ever more secure. Offering high quality 960H resolution recording and playback via your TV or SmartPhone using the Yale CCTV App* (available for iOS and Android).

The Yale Easy Fit 960H 4 Camera CCTV Kit - YCK-H48004-960H with H4A-HD Hybrid DVR and multi channel playback includes four weather resistant cameras rated to IP55 with powerful infrared LED night vision providing a range of up to 20m. The system also includes a 500GB hard drive to store recorded footage.

Easy Fit 2 Camera Kit
Easy Fit 4 Camera Kit
Hard Drive Capacity500GB500GB
Single or Multi channel playbackMulti ChannelMulti Channel
Recording / Playback Resolution960H960H
Remote viewing via SmartPhone AppYesYes
Cameras Included24
Maximum Cameras44
Night Vision Camera Range20 metres20 metres
Weatherproof IP55 Rated CamerasYesYes
Expandable Channels44
Video backup via USBYesYes

In the box

Hybrid DVR1 x Hybrid DVR with 500GB Hard Drive
The Hybrid DVR will simultaneously monitor and record up to 500GB of footage from multiple cameras ready for viewing at any time when connected to your TV via HDMI cable (included). Unlike a standard DVR a Hybrid DVR will accept both standard analogue cameras and IP network cameras, making it incredibly flexible compared to other systems.

Bullet Camera4 x Bullet Cameras
Powerful infrared LED bullet cameras with night vision range of up to 20 metres and high quality recording resolution of 960H. They can be manually tilted and have a wide 60 degree viewing angle. The cameras are IP55 rated ensuring weather resistance making them suitable for use indoors or outdoors.

BNC 15m Camera Cables4 x BNC 15m Camera Cables
Each BNC cable is 15 metres in length and is used to connect the Yale analogue CCTV cameras to the Hybrid DVR and includes an analogue BNC coupler.

Accessories - MouseAccessories
Mouse, Ethernet Router Cable, HDMI Cable, Power Adaptors, Fitting Kit and Theft Deterrent Stickers.

Need extra cables for this CCTV system? Order together and SAVE

Yale smartphone appRemote Viewing by SmartPhone
In addition to viewing from your TV it is easy to view recorded and real time images from your SmartPhone or Tablet using the Yale CCTV App* (available for iOS and Android) providing your DVR is connected to your internet router using an Ethernet cable (included).

Yale Smart Security
Control your security using a single app. When used with the optional Yale Easy Fit Alarm Link USB Adaptor you can control the Yale Keyfree Connected or Yale Keyless Connected door locks and any of the Yale Easy Fit Alarms using the Yale CCTV App.

How many Channels
The number of channels indicates how many cameras can be added to your system. A four channel system will allow up to four cameras.

Single or Multi Channel Playback
Single Channel playback allows you to view only one camera feed at a time regardless of the number of cameras. Multi Channel playback allows you to view multiple camera feeds via the same screen at the same time.

Video Backup
Using a USB memory stick or external hard drive you can backup recorded footage from the Hybrid DVR and transfer to other devices or pass onto others should the need arise.

* Requirements: For remote viewing via SmartPhone this CCTV system requires a broadband internet connection with a router that includes one free wired network port. SmartPhone must be iOS 8.0 and above or Android 4.4 and above.

Recording Time Calculator

Use our Recording Time Calculator to determine how many days storage you can expect from this 4 camera, 500GB hard drive, 960H CCTV system. If using motion detection we generally advise setting the most commonly used camera to 4 hours. We have set all other cameras to 2 hours as an estimate, but you can change this below to suit your needs.

* Based on using the default settings; system will begin to overwrite existing footage once storage is full.

Cameras Recording Hours / Day
Max Recording Time: {{ getTotalDays(cameras.slice(0, 4), res, '500GB') | roundWhole }} days* {{ getTotalDays(cameras.slice(0, 4), res, '500GB', 24) | roundWhole }} days*
Key Features
Camera Quality
Primary Storage Device
Hard Drive Size
Bullet Cameras
Dome Cameras
Heat Detection
Number of Channels
Multi Channel Viewing
Smart Features
Smart Device App
Internet via
RJ45 Cable
BNC IN Ports
PoE OUT Ports
Audio IN Ports (RCA)
Audio OUT Ports (RCA)
PTZ Port (RS485)
FAQs [6]

FAQs (6)

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Can the DVR recorder box operate OK in a domestic garage or would it be affected by temperature?
Stephen, Chorley
The Yale DVR recorder box has been designed to work in most temperature ranges and would be absolutely fine to fully operate in any garage.
Tom W
Was this helpful? 8
Is it possible to have one of the cameras on a 40 metre length of wire and the system still work?
Will Morrish, Billingshurst
Each camera on the Easy Fit 960H series can work on a BNC Camera Cable of up to 100m. The BNC Camera cables are available in 15 metre and 30 metre lengths and can be connected together using a BNC cable adaptor. Please be aware that using the cameras with a longer cable may slightly affect the resolution quality.
Tom W
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When the hard drive fills up will it overwrite the older recordings, or do you have to delete recordings manually to free up some space?
Keith, Bromsgrove
The DVR system will overwrite itself automatically once capacity is reached. You also have the option for only recording motion, which significantly improves the amount of days footage you can store on the hard drive.
Tom W
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I need a system that also records sound as well as pics.
Kenneth , Stoke on trent
The Yale Easy Fit CCTV Kits do not have a built in microphone. There is an audio input facility on the DVR box that will allow you to plug in your own external microphone. Alternatively, we do have Yale IP cameras which include a mic and speaker allowing you to hear and talk back.
Tom W
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Does the system record all camera inputs constantly, or does it only record camera inputs when any camera senses motion?
David Heskin, Shepshed
The cameras record constantly and the data is stored on the DVR provided with the system.
Phil R
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Are the red and yellow connectors on the cables waterproof and suitable to be placed outside?
Daniel, Dover
Yes, however just to add more protection I would recommend to use a little waterproof electrical tape for the male/female connectors.
Tom W
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