Yale Easy Fit Power Switch

(Discontinued 27/07/2020)

Yale Easy Fit Power Switch

(Discontinued 27/07/2020)

The power switch allows you to remotely switch on and off household devices such as lamps using your SmartPhone.
  • For use with: Yale Smart Home Alarms.
  • 868 MHz frequency prevents wireless interference.
  • Rolling code transmission for increased security.
  • Batteries included.
  • 2 Year warranty.
Ref: SR-PS



27th July 2020

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Product Details
The Yale Easy Fit range of alarms are a breakthrough in both performance and technology. The intuitive wireless system has been designed with DIY in mind ensuring the Easy Fit Alarm really is "easy to fit". No wiring or running cables in walls or under the carpet and you won't need the the services of a qualified electrician.

For use with:

Yale Easy Fit Alarms
EF-KIT3 Yale Easy Fit SmartPhone Alarm

Yale Smart Home Alarms
SR-310 Yale Smart Home Alarm Starter Kit
SR-320 Yale Smart Home Alarm Kit
SR-330 Yale Smart Home Alarm & View Kit
SR-340 Yale Smart Home Alarm, View & Control Kit

What's in the box?

1 x Power Switch
FAQs [3]

FAQs (3)

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Can the Yale easy fit power switch be used with the Yale SR-310 Smart home Alarm kit?
Steve, Wickford
Yes the Yale Easy Fit Power Switch is compatible and can be used with the Yale Smart Home Alarm Starter Kit as well as the rest of the Yale Smart Alarm series.
John W
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Can the Yale socket be used to switch on a light automatically if the alarm is triggered (for example contact sensors on doors).
stephen jefferies, Cheltenham
The Power Switch allows you to remotely activate the item that is plugged into it via the app and will allow you to set a specific time for activation. It will not automatically switch on the item when the alarm is activated.
Phil R
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Has the power switch an embedded timer feature, or can you only switch off/on remotely?
Vitantonio, Ashford
This item does not have a timer, it only allows you to remotely turn appliances on and off via the smartphone app.
Phil R
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