Professional Installation Services for Intruder & Burglar Alarms

We're all about peace of mind here at Safe. That's why we offer an affordable and convenient installation service on most items.
After all, when you've bought a high-quality product, you need to know it's been properly fitted by an expert who cares.

Be confident your product is fitted perfectly Be confident your Alarm is fitted perfectly
Save the hassle Save the hassle and risk of finding a fitter or installing products yourself
Appointments within 10 days of order Appointments arranged around you, within 10 days of your delivery
We'll ring to confirm arrangements We'll even ring to confirm the arrangements

Standard Alarm Installation

We offer professional installation on our complete range of wireless alarm kits, for the home or business.

Our experienced engineer will complete a brief site inspection and then discuss their findings with you to agree equipment positioning before commencing the installation of your Alarm Kit, including hub, all components (including extra components purchased from and the wireless external siren.

Your installation will include positioning motion sensors in areas to provide the most suitable sensor coverage and locating the external siren in a highly visible location. Final positions will be governed by safe site access and the effect of the building on wireless range, including wall thickness, building materials and location of your Wi-Fi equipment.

You must ensure that adequate power is available for the alarm hub (one power socket) and that easy access is available to your broadband router as this will need to be connected to your alarm hub using an ethernet cable. If your router is not close to where you intend to position the alarm hub we advise purchasing a powerline adaptor prior to install.

The engineer will set up remote monitoring on one device and then carry out a final assessment to confirm that your new system is fully operational before providing a brief demonstration of your system and confirming it has been completed to your satisfaction.

Installation FAQ

What is the cost to install an Alarm kit?

When do you contact me to arrange installation?

When will you install my Alarm kit?

Can I change my installation date?

How long does installation take?

What parking access is required?

Can adverse weather conditions prevent installation?

How high can the siren be installed on my property?

How important is wireless range?

How many power sockets will I need?

What do I need for remote monitoring?

Do I need permission to install an Alarm?

Does my installation include a warranty?

What happens if the engineer doesn't turn up?

What if I'm not happy with my installation?

What happens if the engineer damages my property?

Non-standard Alarm Installation

In some cases, it may be necessary to install additional materials or provide extra resources (manpower) to facilitate an installation in a safe manner.

If additional costs are likely these will be discussed with you prior to installation. Reasons for extra costs might include:

  • Large commercial buildings such as warehouses and office blocks.
  • Additional alarm devices not supplied by
  • Specialised access equipment and permits such as hoists, lifts and cranes.
  • Outside of normal hours working (Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm).
  • 4x4 Vehicular access requirements to remote rural sites.
  • Road closure including necessary permits.
  • Additional manpower to overcome technical, lifting or safety access issues.

We offer installation throughout the UK mainland, however some more remote and rural post codes in the Highlands are subject to a surcharge to cover additional fuel and traveling time costs.

The following areas will incur a rural travel surcharge:

£55.00 Surcharge Areas

  • PH 1 - 26 (No coverage in other PH postcodes)
  • PA 1 - 19 (No coverage in other PA postcodes)
  • KA 19, 26
  • ML 11, 12

£105.00 Surcharge Areas

  • IV 01-17, 30,31,32 (No coverage in other IV postcodes)
  • AB
  • DD
  • TD
  • DG
  • KW

These additional elements are deemed to fall outside the definition of a 'Standard Installation'. If you feel your installation might be non-standard please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

If applicable, additional costs are to be paid before installation begins.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

Our installer provides a standard 12 month warranty on all new installations and a 3 month warranty on all materials provided during maintenance visits.

Note: Existing system components and pre-supplied equipment are not included in the installation warranty as these elements are covered by the Manufacturer warranty.

We reserve the right to undertake an ‘Assessment Call’ without prejudice to investigate any complaints relating to materials failure or poor workmanship to assess if the complaint is valid. Please note that remedial service calls generated by elements outside of our sphere of influence or due to different fault conditions will be chargeable to you at an agreed call out charge.

In scenarios where you request a post installation service call and our assessment identifies the fault condition or cause of the fault falls outside of the limitations of the standard installation warranty (Force Majeure, different fault etc) a call out charge will be incurred for the visit.

Assessment calls raised for reasons outside our sphere of influence or responsibility and not covered by the standard installation will incur a call out charge for labour and additional materials.

The following are examples of when a call out charge would be incurred:

  • Accidental Damage
    The Alarm system is knocked off alignment by high winds or moving objects such as ladders, footballs or people.
  • Malicious Damage
    The Alarm system has been physically damaged by vandals or DIY.
  • Materials Failure
    Previously Installed equipment (existing) or equipment included in the pre-purchased kit are deemed to be at fault. Faulty equipment such as the alarm hub, sensors, and power supply units are covered by the manufacturer warranty.
  • System Modification
    A request that the installed system be modified such as sensors or the external siren be repositioned post installation.
  • Incorrect Diagnosis
    The customers web portal, broadband connectivity or Mobile App are identified as being at fault or incorrectly operated by the user when trying to access the system. This includes user error and any form of software / firmware upgrades post installation.