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Yale Keyless Digital Lock Satin Nickel

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8th August 2017


  • Electronic digital door lock with 60mm backset.
  • Suitable for external doors and weather resistant.
  • Code free access via a latch holdback.
  • Sequential code with 1,000,000 possible combinations.
  • Reversible allowing fitting on left or right hand hung doors.
  • Powered by 4x AA batteries (included).
  • Works best when used with the Yale Y3 Nightlatch.
  • Size: 153 x 64 x 51mm (HxWxD)
Ref: YL-YD-01-SN

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Product Details

Lock TypeNightlatch (not included)
PIN Code Qty2
PIN Length4 - 12 digits
Possible Combinations1,000,000
PIN Code EntrySequential
Battery PoweredYes
Battery Type4x AA (included)
ColourSatin Nickel
Weather ResistantYes
Internal DoorsYes
External DoorsYes
Code Free AccessLatch Holdback
Fast Code ChangeYes
Restricted PIN AccessNo
Outside OperationPIN Code
Inside OperationFree Exit
Outside Handle TypeThumbturn
Inside Handle TypeThumbturn
HandedLeft, Right
Door Thickness35mm - 57mm
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Product Reviews

Rated 8.7 / 10Rated 8.7 / 10Rated 8.7 / 10Rated 8.7 / 10Rated 8.7 / 10

8.7 / 10

22 August 2015
Rated 7.6 / 10Rated 7.6 / 10Rated 7.6 / 10Rated 7.6 / 10Rated 7.6 / 10 7.6 / 10

This product has really helped us to manage security and tenancy support in our building. The look is very sleek and fits well with our chrome effect interior furnishings. It is easy to install in top of the range doors without spoiling the effect or damaging the surrounds. I love the fact that there are reset options should the access options need to be reviewed. The panel lights are very impressive and aid in entering the code on darker morning or where lighting is restricted. This item is robust and seemingly hard wearing we've had no problems at present with this item

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26 February 2015
Rated 6.8 / 10Rated 6.8 / 10Rated 6.8 / 10Rated 6.8 / 10Rated 6.8 / 10 6.8 / 10

This product would have had nines in every category if it hadn't been faulty on receipt.

Problem was, once installed it was too much trouble to remove and return . The problem was a poor connection inside the sealed part of the unit and opening it would void the warranty so I'm stuck with an intermittant fault which sometimes locks me out. This is clearly not a weakness with the design, just an unfortunate fault.

All that aside, it is a great improvement on the old key lock that was fitted and I would recommend this lock as long as you check it for functionality before drilling extra holes in the door.

1 person found this review helpful. Did you? Yes / No

25 February 2017
Rated 6.4 / 10Rated 6.4 / 10Rated 6.4 / 10Rated 6.4 / 10Rated 6.4 / 10 6.4 / 10

I have a holiday property we let out on a weekly basis and handing over and collecting keys was not easy so i looked for another solution and came up with the electronic door lock, the lock was easy to fit and being a Yale lock was proven as a secure device, the key pad was simple to use you just cover the whole screen to activate it and then enter your code, twist the knob and your in. however i purchased the lock on 15/05/16 and the key pad intermittently failed on the 25/08/16, Safe with us responded quickly and efficiently and a replacement was with me in 1 day. I replaced the unit and returned the defective item. Unfortunately today (25/02/17) the unit has failed again and will not become active at all and i cannot get into my property. fortunately no visitors arrive this week so we do not need to break into the cottage urgently but we have visitors next week so needs a resolution soon. Safe with us have contacted Yale for assistance and i am awaiting a solution. PS it is not a battery issue. my wife has now lost confidence in this product and is worried that it will fail when a guest is in the cottage, this will probably result in me giving money back and lots of negative feed back when they leave. i believe the the lock is not fit for external use and can not deal with wet conditions. as it has failed after high rainfall.

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22 September 2016
Rated 8.4 / 10Rated 8.4 / 10Rated 8.4 / 10Rated 8.4 / 10Rated 8.4 / 10 8.4 / 10

It is smart, simple to retrofit to an existing night latch and simple to operate.

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18 August 2016
Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10 10 / 10


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22 July 2016
Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10 10 / 10

after thoughtfull consideration we bought this lock.It works perfectly easy to handle and very sturdy

it is a strange idea to leave your house with no frontdoor keys. the yale lock uses just 4 aa batteries and works for 10000 lock turns. the pad itself is ip 54 so good enough for the frontdoor.


After a cold morning -2C the lock does not respond to the keypad (batteries are ok)

You have to touch the keypad twice for it to work

It does still work ,however I wonder what will happen when the temperatures reaches -10C

Just have to wait and see.

Only to be used if the temperature is above zero!!!

I'm loving this lock - we have many guests staying in the house and not having to bother with a key is fantastic

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10 December 2015
Rated 9.4 / 10Rated 9.4 / 10Rated 9.4 / 10Rated 9.4 / 10Rated 9.4 / 10 9.4 / 10

Very good value for money and a quality product. Easy to fit but you do need the right tools, particularly for drilling the larger hole. Very happy with this purchase.

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1 October 2015
Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10 10 / 10

High quality device which you expect from YALE and very easy to replace the existing lock, only requires you to drill one hole for the power lead to access the inside battery housing. I was impressed how easy it is to install, set up and use. Very useful if you have visitors who can be given the guest code and wonderful if you have a lodger as no keys to lose? And if they leave you just simply change the guest code. Very impressed with the lock and clear blue illuminated keypad. Just make sure you have a spare battery hidden outside as a backup?

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15 January 2015
Rated 8.8 / 10Rated 8.8 / 10Rated 8.8 / 10Rated 8.8 / 10Rated 8.8 / 10 8.8 / 10

I had been through a phase of leaving my keys in the house when just popping out of the house briefly in my casualware (joggers) under normal circumstances I would be ok because I would have a full set of keys secured to my belt loop, anyway after several episodes of knocking a neighbour on the last occasion I was locked out for several hours and decided something had to be done.

This lock was perfect. In no way would I consider this to be a perfect security solution and always when away for long periods I will use the 5 lever lock as well.

I would prefer to be able to program more than two numbers at one time!

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8 January 2015
Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10Rated 10 / 10 10 / 10

I was very pleased when i received the door lock, the instructions were easy to follow, so the fitting was easy to do. It looked very neat on the door, i loved the fact that the code numbers are hidden. I only need to put my hand onto the screen. I feel very secure now, and do not have to worry about losing my keys again. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting a more secure way of entering their home. In the past i have gone out of the front door just to go to the bin, and forget to take my keys with me, i never have to worry about that problem again.

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Q&A [7]

Questions & Answers (7)

Does this include a compatible night latch, or does that have to be purchased separately?
The Yale Keyless locks must be fitted with a nightlatch. This model doesn't come with one as standard and will need to be purchased separately. The Yale Y3 - Standard Night Latch is one that we recommend.

Tom W, 14 Jun 2017
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How can I change the code?
Stefano, London
The code can be changed in 6 easy steps. Please see page 9 of the User Guide to see how to do it.
Jonathan P, 20 Oct 2017
3 of 6 found this answer helpful. Did you?  Yes / No
Is this compatible with Keyfobs?
James, Todmorden
Unfortunately the keyfobs are not compatible with this model. I would consider the Yale Keyless Connected Ready - Chrome which can be operated with the Yale Smart Lock Remote Keyfob.
Javaid H, 27 Jan 2017
2 of 4 found this answer helpful. Did you?  Yes / No
Can the Z Wave module be fitted to this lock?
Jenka, London
The Z-Wave module is not compatible with this version of the lock. We do offer the Keyless with Z-Wave Module - Chrome () which has the module included should you wish to consider this instead.
Phil R, 7 Mar 2016
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Can you retrofit a smart module to this lock?
The smart modules can only be added to the new Connected Ready Keyless Locks and cannot be added to the older versions of this lock.
Jonathan P, 1 Feb 2016
1 of 2 found this answer helpful. Did you?  Yes / No
I want to replace an internal door handle and lock. Will this replace that handle and lock. How neat will this look over the existing holes?
Clive , Bromley
The Keyless locks by Yale are designed to be used with a nightlatch and can replace your existing door lock. We would recommend the Yale Keyless Digital Lock Chrome - (including Y3 Nightlatch), which comes with everything that you need.
Jonathan P, 30 Jul 2014
4 of 8 found this answer helpful. Did you?  Yes / No
Is this a 5 level lock and is it covered under British standards for insurance purposes?
This is not a 5 Lever Lock. This digital keypad is designed to replace the cylinder key lock on an existing Nightlatch. We also offer this model including a Yale Y3 Nightlatch.

A Nightlatch should always be used in conjunction with a Deadlock and generally an insurance company will insist on one of these insurance approved 5 Lever Deadlocks .
Anthony N, 15 May 2014
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