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What happens if the batteries run out of power. Would that mean that the pin number you have used would not work and you would not be able to gain access?
Bob, London
If the batteries run flat the PIN number is retained in the memory but the keypad will not work. You should open the safe using the override key so that you can insert new batteries on the inside of the safe door. Once the batteries are fitted you can use the safe with the PIN you originally set up.
Anthony N, 24 Oct 2017
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I have purchased a Yale Certified Safe from you, can you advise if it is OK to bolt freestanding on a wall using bolts supplied, or does it need to be supported?
If installing to a wall we would recommend that the safe be supported by a shelf or plinth to distribute the weight of the unit. Should the weight be focused entirely on the fixing bolts they may eventually fail and cause damage to the wall itself.
Phil R, 10 Oct 2017
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The cash and valuables rating: are these still applicable if the safe is installed by myself? Presumably these ratings are what my home insurance provider will uphold for that particular safe?
The security ratings on this safe would still be applicable if you were to install this yourself, providing the safe is installed as per the manufacturer instructions. The cash and valuables rating is an indication of what an insurance company would cover in the event the safe was broken into or stolen.
Phil R, 7 Jan 2016
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Before I buy this product I'm wondering if I can fit it inside my bedroom cabinet? I'd fix it to the base of the cabinet which is of wood construction and sits on floorboards. There is no void between the cabinet and the floor boards. Will the bolts suffice? Also will they lock in place? I could also fix on to the back wall at the same time but I believe the back is of plaster board than a void before it goes into breeze block. Is this possible?
Ideally the Yale certified range needs to be installed into either solid concrete/brick or wooden support joists to allow the 4x 70mm fixing bolts to be fully secured. I would not advise bolting the unit into plaster or breeze block as this could cause damage to the walls.
Tom W, 24 Aug 2015
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What is the steel thickness of the door and the rest of the body?
Andy, Leicester
The thickness of the door is 6mm and the body is 2.5mm.
John W, 17 Nov 2017
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Can this item or any item in the series be fixed inside a closet, fixed to the floor of the closet which is wood? I think this provides extra security and no need to cut carpet etc. Can you also please tell me the length of the bolts needed.
Avis, London
The Yale certified range are designed to be installed ideally into a solid concrete floor or brick wall. Fixing to wood is generally not recommended, especially if the wood is relatively thin. However, if you have no other alternative it is certainly better than no fixing fixing at all. If you fix to the floor of the closet I would advise trying to secure through the closet and into the floor joist. The length of the bolts supplied are 60mm, but they are not designed for timber so would need to be replaced with heavy duty timber screws.
Tom W, 3 Mar 2016
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I would like to wall fix my safe and I would like to understand if your shop can do it for me? If not, who should I ask?
matteo, london
This safe does not have the option for a delivery and install service. The safe is supplied with the fixings and there are pre-drilled holes in the base and back of the unit so you could install this yourself, alternatively an engineer or local tradesman should be able to carry out the installation for you. We do have safes of this level that do offer an installation service such as the Chubbsafes Water 30E should you wish to consider this.
Phil R, 18 Sep 2014
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What is the length and diameter of the fixing bolts for this safe?
BSJ1, Wales
This safe is supplied with 4 fixing bolts which are 65mm in length and have a 10mm diameter.
Phil R, 16 Feb 2016
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Hi, I've just purchased this safe. It comes with 4 bolts for fixing to a wall or floor. The instructions say these bolts are only suitable for mounting into concrete and brick. I will be mounting it into an internal wall which is breeze block. Can I use these fixings?
Ideally your new safe should be installed into either solid concrete/brick or wooden support joists. Breeze blocks can crumble resulting in weak fixing.
Tom W, 24 Oct 2017
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How many PIN codes can I set up to open this safe?
The Yale Certified Safes by Yale have the facility to set up 2 codes; a user code and a master code. Please refer to the Yale Certified Safes User Guide to see how to do this.
Jonathan P, 10 Oct 2017
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I am interested in the Yale Certified Safe and need to know about the depth dimension. Does this include the housing for the key press or does this stick out further? If so how much further does this stick out?
The external dimensions are of the safe only. The metal fascia incorporating the keypad protrudes an additional 10mm from the safe door.
Anthony N, 2 May 2014
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Does the keypad beep when you enter the code, and if so how loud is it? Can that be turned off?
Paul Stubbings, London
The keypad does sound when entering the pin code. The sounds can be disabled on the safe when placed into silent mode.
Christian B, 8 Dec 2020
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I keep seeing a 9v battery being pushed against 2 terminals on some safes...what is this for.
danny mccartney, Rainham
This is for when the battery compartment is located on the inside of the safe and the batteries run out. The 9v battery can be attached to the battery contacts to power the digital keypad to gain access to the safe and the batteries changed.
Christian B, 29 Sep 2020
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How do I change preset code to a code of my choice?
David James Wood, Hawes
The first thing that you need to do is unlock the safe using one of the back up keys provided. Press enter and 3 simultaneously, then enter you own code (between 4-8 digits), followed by the key button. You will be prompted to repeat your code in order to complete the process. For a more detailed description, please see the user guide.
Jonathan P, 23 Apr 2016
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I have ordered this safe earlier but have since noticed one of the reviews stating there are no pre-drilled holes for wall fixing. The product description states there is. Can you please confirm? Thanks. (If there's no rear holes I'll need to cancel the order)
The complete range of Yale Certified Safes include holes in both the base and back and can be fixed to a wall the floor or both. The safes also include 4x 70mm long fixing bolts.
Tracy M, 6 Aug 2015
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Hi, I am considering purchasing your Yale Certified Safe and was wondering about the fire and water damage rating on this safe as I cannot see anything in the details mentioning these.
This range of safes are for security protection only and DO NOT offer any fire or water resistance.

You could consider our Yale Fire Safes or one of our Waterproof Safes which all also offer fire protection. It is worth noting that the internal capacity will be greatly reduced when considering a fire safe due to the increased protection built into the safe walls.
Anne K, 1 May 2014
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What size drill bit do you need to secure this safe on a concrete floor?
Philip, Newmarket
A 10mm drill bit is required for fitting.
Phil R, 10 Nov 2020
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Is this safe available with the door hinges on the left hand side?
Mrs Helen Walker, BARNSLEY
All safes are only hinged on the right hand side.
Anne K, 10 Nov 2020
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Planning to leave the safe with family whilst overseas. I know we have a backup key, but how long approx will the batteries last with little use? Does this safe have an audible warning?
Anonymous, Oxford
When you press the Enter button the safe will show LO-BAE in the display and make an audible warning sound if the batteries are running flat.

There is no specific time period for battery length but you should think along the lines of a TV remote control. With good quality batteries and infrequent use you should expect a minimum of 2 years.
Anthony N, 7 May 2014
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What is the delivery time on this as I have to have it delivered to my home while I am there due to travel. Can the safe be delivered on a specific day and is there an 'installation' service available as it is likely to arrive before any of my tools etc at my apartment?
This safe includes free Next Day delivery. You also have the option to select a specific day for delivery during the checkout process at no extra cost.
Anthony N, 10 Oct 2017
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