Yale Smart Home Alarm and CCTV Security System - Kit 4

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Protect your entire home with this security bundle which includes a Smart Home Alarm and a HD 1080 CCTV system with two wired outdoor cameras.
  • Email and text alert when alarm is triggered.
  • Portable keypad for arming / disarming from any room.
  • Hub includes a back up battery in case of power failure.
  • Alarm will accept up to 20 different components.
  • Hybrid DVR with 1TB capacity hard drive.
  • Motion detection - only record what you want to view.
  • Wired cameras can be used indoors or outdoors (IP67).
  • Enhanced infrared LED night vision up to 20m.
  • 2 Year warranty

Product Details

Protect your entire home with the Yale Smart Home Alarm and CCTV Security System Kit 4 which includes a Yale Smart Home Alarm SR-340 and Yale Essentials 4 Channel HD 1080p - 2 Camera CCTV Kit. Both products are part of the Smart Living range and are easily integrated. This allows you to monitor and secure your home on the go, using your Android or iOS smartphone.

With loud internal, and external sirens, intrusions are quickly identified and video footage is captured via the CCTV cameras. Additional notifications are sent to your email account and via SMS to notify you immediately of an intrusion, making it easy to quickly alert the authorities.

In the box

Smart Hub1 x Smart Hub
The Smart Hub with 94dB internal siren is the heart of the alarm system and is connected by an Ethernet cable (included) to your broadband router. Once connected to your router the hub connects via wi-fi to each device on your alarm system.

PIR Motion Detector2 x PIR Motion Detector
The detectors should be placed in the corner of rooms that are vulnerable to intruders. When the alarm is armed an infrared sensor will detect any movement and activate the loud external siren.

PIR Image Camera1 x PIR Image Camera
The camera PIR should be placed to provide the widest angle of the room it is protecting. When the alarm is armed an infrared sensor will detect any movement and activate the loud external siren and at the same time capture still images (320 x 240 pixels) of the intruder. The images are then sent to your SmartPhone. You can also request still images of the room at any time via the SmartPhone app.

Door Sensor Contact2 x Door Sensor Contacts
When the alarm is armed, if a door or window that is protected by the contact is opened the contact is broken activating the loud external siren.

Keypad Control Panel1 x Keypad Control Panel
In addition to SmartPhone control the keypad can also be used to arm or disarm the alarm system via entry of your own unique PIN code. The keypad can be fixed to a wall or carried around your home.

Power Switch1 x Power Switch
The home automation Power Switch allows you to remotely turn household appliances such as a lamp or radio on and off using your SmartPhone.

Siren Box1 x Outdoor Siren Box
Fitted in a highly visible location on the exterior of the property the loud 104dB siren will sound and the LED will flash when the alarm is triggered.

Outdoor Dummy Siren Box1 x Outdoor Dummy Siren Box
Fitted to the exterior of the property the Dummy Box will add a further visual deterrent to a potential burglar.

Hybrid DVR1 x Hybrid DVR
The Hybrid DVR will simultaneously monitor and record up to 1TB of footage from multiple cameras ready for viewing at any time when connected to your TV via HDMI cable (included). Unlike a standard DVR a Hybrid DVR will accept both standard analogue cameras and IP network cameras, making it incredibly flexible compared to other systems.

Motion Detection Bullet Camera2 x Motion Detection Bullet Cameras
Enhanced infrared LED bullet cameras with night vision range of up to 20 metres and high quality recording resolution of HD 1080p. They can be manually tilted and have a wide 90 degree viewing angle. The cameras are IP67 rated ensuring weather resistance making them suitable for use indoors or outdoors.

BNC 18m Camera Cables2 x 18m Video & Power Cables
Each BNC cable is 18 metres in length and is used to connect the Yale analogue CCTV cameras to the Hybrid DVR and includes an analogue BNC coupler.

Need additional sensors or components for the Smart Home Alarm Kit? Order together and SAVE


Pre-linked components
All the wireless components are linked together straight out of the box. There is no technical knowledge or wiring required to install a Yale Smart Home alarm.

Alarm notification by SmartPhone
The alarm system will notify you by email and text if the alarm is triggered.

Alarm control by SmartPhone
You can access all of the alarm settings and features via the Yale Smart Home Alarm App (available for iOS and Android). The system can be activated and deactivated using your SmartPhone and when used in conjunction with the PIR Camera or PIR Video Camera, images or video footage captured by the cameras can be viewed on the app.

Smartphone App

Part arming by zone
The alarm can be set to create two different zones allowing you to arm one or both zones. This can be especially useful if you decide to split the upstairs and downstairs of a property into two zones. While away from the property you would activate both zones and during the night you could activate only the downstairs zone.

Advanced technology 868 MHz wireless
Yale Smart Home alarms are designed to operate on on a frequency of 868MHz which uses a short duty cycle of only 1%. This means that any single device can only transmit for 1% of the time, leaving the channel free 99% of the time. When multiple devices are operating on the same system this technology ensures a more stable connection and little chance of interference. Many DIY alarm systems use a less regulated higher duty cycle reducing performance.

Rolling Code Technology
A remote control device transmits a unique code to the control panel in most DIY systems. This unique code is used by the system to determine that the correct remote control is attempting to contact the control panel - for example not your neighbour's remote control. The problem with the unique code is that it might be possible to intercept it and as a result make a clone enabling someone else to activate the system. Rolling Code technology ensures this cannot happen by changing the unique code every time it is sent to the control panel, meaning if the code is intercepted it will not work again as it can only be used once - adding a further level of security.

The Yale Essentials 4 Channel HD 1080p - 2 Camera CCTV Kit - SV-4C-2ABFX-2 includes a Hybrid DVR with multi channel playback and two weather resistant cameras rated to IP67 with enhanced infrared LED night vision providing a range of up to 20m. The cameras can be set to record continuously, at a set time or only when motion is detected, making it much easier to view important footage, while at the same saving on hard disk space. The system also includes a 1TB hard drive and has four channels allowing for an additional two cameras to be added if required.

Yale's latest Smart Home HD CCTV, part of the Smart Living experience is designed to help you keep your home ever more secure. Packed with features and offering high quality HD 1080p resolution via your TV or SmartPhone using the Yale View App* (available for iOS and Android).
Yale Smart Living

The Smarter Way to Protect Your Home

As part of the Smart Living range, this CCTV kit will easily integrate with any other Yale Smart Living products you have, such as burglar alarms, IP cameras and smart door locks.

Smart Digital Video Recorder

  • Intelligent Search - highlight specific activity within the footage timeline
  • Smartphone Notifications - recieve push notifications when an event is detected
  • IP Cameras - add IP cameras via an ethernet cable to your router, and they will be linked to your CCTV system
  • Wifi Cameras - add up to 2 wifi cameras

Face Detection & Face Search

Automatically triggers when a face-shape* is detected, and will send push notifications or emails when triggered. This is most useful at locations like the front door, at face height or slightly above. Face Search allows you to browse a list of pictures taken of the face-shape originally captured by the camera, letting you search for a specific person.

* Does not detect specific faces

Smart Motion Detection Events

Detect specific types of movement, such as when a specific line is crossed; when an area outside of a line is 'intruded'; when something is left in an area for longer than 30 seconds; and when something is missing from an area for longer than 30 seconds.

Motion Detection Events
Smartphone App

View Your Home On Your SmartPhone

In addition to viewing from your TV it is easy to view recorded and real time footage from your SmartPhone or Tablet using the Yale View App* available for iOS and Android.

Install is quick and easy - install the app, scan the QR code sticker on your CCTV system & start viewing.

* For remote viewing via SmartPhone this CCTV system requires a broadband internet connection with a router that includes one free wired network port. SmartPhone must be iOS 9.0 and above or Android 4.4 and above.

HD 1080p Recording & Playback

Record each camera in HD 1080p resolution, then play back either on your SmartPhone or using the included HDMI cable attached to a compatible TV. (Also supports VGA output, cable not supplied.)

Resolution guide
Requirements: This alarm and CCTV system requires a broadband internet connection with a router that includes two free wired network ports. SmartPhone must be iOS 9.0 and above (iPhone 6 or above) or Android 4.4 and above.

Yale Smart Home Alarm and CCTV Security System - Kit 4 Rated 10 / 10 after 1 customer reviews

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