Yale Smart Home 8 Channel HD 1080p - 6 Camera CCTV Kit

(Discontinued 02/12/2019)

Yale Smart Home 8 Channel HD 1080p - 6 Camera CCTV Kit

(Discontinued 02/12/2019)

Yale's latest Smart Home 6 Camera CCTV system is ideal for the home and records in high quality HD 1080p resolution.
  • Hybrid DVR with 2TB capacity hard drive.
  • High quality HD 1080p resolution recording and playback.
  • Includes 4 x outdoor bullet cameras.
  • Includes 2 x outdoor dome cameras.
  • Motion detection - only record what you want to view.
  • Multi channel - view camera feeds simultaneously.
  • IP67 rated cameras can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Enhanced infrared LED night vision up to 30m.
  • 8 channel system can expand up to 8 cameras.
  • Remote viewing via SmartPhone.
  • 2 Year warranty.



2nd December 2019

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Product Details
Yale's latest Smart Home HD CCTV, part of the Smart Living experience is designed to help you keep your home ever more secure. Packed with features and offering high quality HD 1080p resolution via your TV or SmartPhone using the Yale View App* (available for iOS and Android).

The Yale Smart Home HD 1080p 6 Camera CCTV Kit - SV-8C-6ABFXD includes a Hybrid DVR with multi channel playback and four bullet and two dome weather resistant cameras rated to IP67 with enhanced infrared LED night vision providing a range of up to 30m. The cameras can be set to record continuously, at a set time or only when motion is detected, making it much easier to view important footage, while at the same saving on hard disk space. The system also includes a 2TB hard drive and has eight channels allowing for an additional two cameras to be added if required.
Yale Smart Living

The Smarter Way to Protect Your Home

As part of the Smart Living range, this CCTV kit will easily integrate with any other Yale Smart Living products you have, such as burglar alarms, IP cameras and smart door locks.

Smart Digital Video Recorder

  • Intelligent Search - highlight specific activity within the footage timeline
  • Smartphone Notifications - recieve push notifications when an event is detected
  • IP Cameras - add IP cameras via an ethernet cable to your router, and they will be linked to your CCTV system
  • Wifi Cameras - add up to 2 wifi cameras

Face Detection & Face Search

Automatically triggers when a face-shape* is detected, and will send push notifications or emails when triggered. This is most useful at locations like the front door, at face height or slightly above. Face Search allows you to browse a list of pictures taken of the face-shape originally captured by the camera, letting you search for a specific person.

* Does not detect specific faces

Smart Motion Detection Events

Detect specific types of movement, such as when a specific line is crossed; when an area outside of a line is 'intruded'; when something is left in an area for longer than 30 seconds; and when something is missing from an area for longer than 30 seconds.

Motion Detection Events
Smartphone App

View Your Home On Your SmartPhone

In addition to viewing from your TV it is easy to view recorded and real time footage from your SmartPhone or Tablet using the Yale View App* available for iOS and Android.

Install is quick and easy - install the app, scan the QR code sticker on your CCTV system & start viewing.

* For remote viewing via SmartPhone this CCTV system requires a broadband internet connection with a router that includes one free wired network port. SmartPhone must be iOS 9.0 and above (iPhone 6 or above) or Android 4.4 and above.

HD 1080p Recording & Playback

Record each camera in HD 1080p resolution, then play back either on your SmartPhone or using the included HDMI cable attached to a compatible TV. (Also supports VGA output, cable not supplied.)

Resolution guide

In the box

Hybrid DVR
1x Hybrid DVR
  • 2TB built-in Hard Drive
  • 8x BNC Video-In ports
  • 1x LAN port
  • 2x USB 2.0 port
  • HDMI, VGA video output
  • Size (HxWxD): 45 x 215 x 225mm
Motion Detection Bullet Camera
4x Motion Detection Bullet Cameras
  • HD 1080p resolution
  • Enhanced infrared LEDs
  • Night vision up to 30m
  • Viewing angle of 90°
  • Suitable for use indoors or outdoors (IP67)
  • 1x BNC Video-Out port
Motion Detection Bullet Camera
2x Motion Detection Dome Cameras
  • HD 1080p resolution
  • Enhanced infrared LEDs
  • Night vision up to 30m
  • Viewing angle of 90°
  • Suitable for use indoors or outdoors (IP67)
  • 1x BNC Video-Out port
BNC 18m Camera Cables
6x 18m Video & Power Cables
  • Tight locking, secure & can't accidentally disconnect
  • Single cable links video and power to each camera
  • Includes analogue BNC coupler for extending existing cables
Accessories - Mouse
  • Mouse
  • Ethernet Router Cable
  • HDMI Cable
  • Power Adaptor
  • Fitting Kit (screws & plugs)
  • Theft Deterrent Stickers

Recording Time Calculator

Use our Recording Time Calculator to determine how many days storage you can expect from this 6 camera, 2TB hard drive, HD 1080p CCTV system. If using motion detection we generally advise setting the most commonly used camera to 4 hours. We have set all other cameras to 2 hours as an estimate, but you can change this below to suit your needs.

* Based on using the default settings; system will begin to overwrite existing footage once storage is full.

Cameras Recording Hours / Day
Max Recording Time: {{ getTotalDays(cameras.slice(0, 6), res, '2TB') | roundWhole }} days* {{ getTotalDays(cameras.slice(0, 6), res, '2TB', 24) | roundWhole }} days*

Add at Checkout

Thumbnail of Yale 30m Black CCTV BNC Camera Cable

Yale 30m Black BNC Camera Cable

Extend the range between cameras and the DVR with a 30m long BNC cable.
£25.39 Save £3.46
FAQs [8]

FAQs (8)

» Ask Question   

Can this camera be used outside?
Chris Giblin, Sheffield
These cameras are weather resistant and suitable for external use.
Tom W
Was this helpful? 21
Can you get cameras that also record audio. If not, what type of microphone is suitable?
D. Allday, Guisborough
The Arlo Pro Smart Security System with 4 Cameras - VMS4430 has a two way microphone. However, if you require a wired CCTV kit, you can purchase an external microphone from most electrical stores which will plug direct into the DVR box.
Tom W
Was this helpful? 20
I have the older 720 system and want to know if I got the new HD-1080 system can I use the old cameras in it also to make up 8 cameras.
Alan, Manchester
Unfortunately the HD-1080P CCTV Kit would not be compatible with 720P cameras.
Tom W
Was this helpful? 11
Can two or more people/phones register to watch and use the same CCTV setup or one phone only? I heard only one person can register?
fred, london
Multiple people can register, however only one person can log in at any one time for security purposes.
Tom W
Was this helpful? 21
What power is supplied from the dvr to power the cameras?
Mel stenton, Horwich Bolton
Although the cameras are connected to the DVR system they are powered via a mains socket.
Tom W
Was this helpful? 13
I understand the Yale DVR can be upgraded to 4TB.
How is this done and is it possible to buy the DVR already upgraded.
John Roberts, Nether Stowey
You would have to purchase a new hard drive, however please note that if the existing hard drive is removed within the 2 year manufacturers warranty the warranty would then be be voided.
Tom W
Was this helpful? 8
I've just bought the Yale smart home alarm from you. I'm interested in the Yale 2 camera wireless external camera system but I want it to work without alerting me on internet because I'd be getting constant alerts from postmen and harmless callers when I'm out. Will it work and record to DVR box without alerting me if I want? Can it record to the cloud if I want for future recall?
M Newman, Uppingham
Notifications can be disabled at any time, unfortunately any saved data would be recorded on the DVR box as it is not compatible with any cloud based storage service.
Tom W
Was this helpful? 5
If we buy the SR-340 smart home alarm system, smart home 6 camera cctv and Conexis can they all work together and can the door lock arm/un-arm the alarm system? etc
martin shields, corby
They would all have the convenience of working off one single App, however they would all work independently as they are separate systems.
Tom W
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