The Gadget ShowIn last night’s episode the Gadget Show team had a go at Safe Cracking and it has to be said they didn’t fair to well… to use internet parlance it could be considered an EPIC FAIL!

Gadget Show presenters Jason Bradbury, Suzi Perry and Co had a go at breaking into five different safes using a variety of weird and wonderful methods.

First off they dropped the safes from over 20 feet into a pile of rubble. Then they spent 30 minutes cutting and hacking away at the safe doors with an angle grinder (even breaking the cutter in the process) and finally they attached PETN to the safe doors, one of today’s most powerful explosives used by both the military and demolition experts.

These are the five safes the Gadget Show tested:

  1. Sentry QE4531
  2. Phoenix Citadel 1191e
  3. SecureLine PS2-27E
  4. Yale Medium Fire Safe
  5. Burton Magnum 36E

You can take a look at the Gadget Show clip here

So, what conclusions can we draw from this extensive test?

UK safes are pretty good and the Gadget Show are not safe crackers.

Burglars don’t turn up to a potential target driving an inconspicuous, bright yellow JCB with an industrial metal cutter in one pocket and military grade explosives in the other – but if they did, it wouldn’t matter.

All in all a resounding success for all concerned and a great advert for security safes in the UK.

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