The Safe Shop is proud to announce the launch of our latest range of van and site security boxes by OXBOX. This great range of van boxes and site boxes offer an affordable solution to van theft in today’s troubled economic climate.

Reports of tools being stolen from vans every day throughout the UK are leading many Police forces to issue stark warnings to tradesman. Recent figures suggest the majority of tradesman have experienced some form of tool theft in the last two years with the average theft from vehicles occurring every 3 minutes.

Thames Valley Police experienced 7 thefts alone in just 10 days and suggest that tools should be removed from vans overnight. However if this is not possible offer this advice:

Park near to housing and under a light

Park up against a wall, hedges or a garage to restrict access to the back or side of the van.

Fit the van with an audible alarm system and an immobiliser

Fit a cage or metal chest inside and ensure it is securely bolted down with a good quality padlock

Mark your tools to make them identifiable

Use a sign on the outside of the van to warn potential thieves that the van is alarmed and all tools are secured or removed from the van overnight.

See the full report here

The OXBOX is designed specifically to provide security and safe storage for power tools and work equipment in a van. Starting at only £129 for the entry level OX1 Van Box ranging up to £189 for the OX2 Truck Box and all including free next day delivery within the UK.

See our full range of Van Boxes and Site Boxes.

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