Lock DialWithin today’s society the increasing amounts of identity theft is becoming alarming. Statistics released by CIFAS show that there were ‘89,000 victims of identity theft in the UK 2010. This compared with 2009 where there were 85,000 victims. Men in their 30s and 40s are the most common UK victims and identity fraud now accounts for nearly half of all frauds recorded.’ A strong surge in details online has seen fraudsters take advantage of this vulnerability. However with post being left in people’s porches, it is still common for fraudsters to steal documents such as bank statements from these people’s homes. This ultimately results in the homeowner risking the loss of a substantial amount of money.

However it is not to all be feared. With the small cost of £20 you can purchase a post box which comes with a key lock and a protective flap, securing your personal post from fraudsters. Post boxes can come in a variety of different shapes and sizes ranging from £20 to the more expensive £220.

You may also want to tighten up your valuable possessions within the household by having a home safe. Certain home safes such as key safes are great at protecting your items. They also give you a great sense of security, therefore enabling peace of mind. Ranging from £45 to over £1000, it enables you to lock up items such as your passport, cash, and important documents.

A small investment into protecting your mail and personal possessions can go along way into staying financially able.

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    Locksmith in Huddersfield

    Its also important to ensure your safe has a satisfactory fire proof medium, I have installed a lot of safes in premises that require documents protecting in the unlikely event of a fire and although uncommon it does happen with huge consequences!


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