Phoenix Castille 0603e SafePhoenix Safes have today made their entire range of high security Eurograde Safes available with a digital, electronic combination lock as standard.

This much needed update to Phoenix’s popular high security safes has doubled their range overnight and brings with it a much easier way of choosing your safe. No longer do you need to select complicated upgrades with unexpected extra costs.

The Phoenix Castille 6 Eurograde 0, Diamond 10 Eurograde 1, Condor 20 Eurograde 2 and Cobra 35 Eurograde 3 safes have all benefited from this upgrade and are available to buy online now.

With more and more of our customers asking for electronic locking safes this update couldElectronic Lock not have come at a better time. Although key locking is still very popular the downside of hiding keys coupled with the fear of losing keys makes a digital combination lock with your own PIN code a wise choice. The electronic locks are powered by batteries so no mains power is required and changing your PIN code is a relatively simple process and can be achieved in a matter of minutes.

Of course this is unlikely to be the last we hear of lock upgrades as biometric fingerprint locking safes are now coming to the fore. The advantage of not needing to remember a code but rather simply swiping your finger across a fingerprint reader is obvious. Sadly the cost would appear prohibitive at the moment.

Burton Magnum 6000 24NBMany safe manufacturers have tried and failed to launch a reliable fingerprint lock without increasing the cost of the safe to a level customers are unwilling to pay. The exception is Burton Safes who have stolen a lead on everyone by successfully launching the Biosec 6000 and Biosec 10000. These futuristic safes offer an excellent fingerprint lock option – only five models are available but they are well made and the fingerprint reader would appear to work very well.

The future is almost certainly biometric fingerprint locks but it would seem we have a wait on our hands until this type of lock becomes commonplace.

As always at The Safe Shop our complete range of electronic lock safes include Free UK delivery.


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