High Security ChubbsafesThat is the question: and if proof were needed an article in the Yorkshire Evening Post highlights the importance of fixing your safe securely to a solid surface.

A recent report describes how a gang of thieves broke into a locked building at night while staff were away and managed to steal two heavy safes. The report concludes that due to the size and weight of the safes detectives involved in the case are convinced vehicles will have been used to take them away.

The Safe Shop supplies many lightweight safes to customers using them at home and it is absolutely imperative that these safes, often weighing less than 30 kilograms are secured to the floor and if possible the wall as well. Every security safe we sell includes pre-drilled holes in the base and more often than not the rear of the safe. The safes also include a basic DIY fixing kit comprising of anchor bolts so all you really need is a sturdy drill, a spanner and a spare hour.

Even our high security Eurograde safes which can weigh between 50 – 900 kilograms should be bolted to the floor. A determined thief will go to any lengths if they are aware you might have valuables in your property and failure to bolt your safe securely to the floor will almost certainly void any insurance claim. It has now become standard practice for insurance companies to insist you have your safe installed if you require insurance cover.

If you are concerned about the DIY aspect of fixing your safe we offer a professional installation service on the majority of our safes and our full range of Chubbsafes include this service absolutely free.

It is also worth noting that Fire Safes are not generally designed to be bolted down as any holes in the safe could compromise the fire protection. Modern safes built using advanced fire protection barriers are getting around this problem, however if you want to bolt a fire and security safe to the floor the maximum protection you should expect to receive would be limited to only 60 minutes.

Feel free to contact us or ring us on 0800 432 0722 if you have any questions or need information about fixing your safe to the floor or wall.

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3 thoughts on “To Fix, or Not To Fix…

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    my God, i figured you were going to chip in with some decisive insight at the end there, not leave it with we leave it to you to decide.

    • Anthony

      Thanks for the comment but really!

      I thought the article quite clearly says we strongly recommend fixing your safe.

      Even our high security Eurograde safes which can weigh between 50 – 900 kilograms should be bolted to the floor.

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