Key safes and cabinets consist of a secure box-like system, typically reinforced with durable metal and used for the effective storage of keys.


A key safe is ideal for personal use. They are designed to hold just a few keys and are suitable for outdoor storage. Ideal uses include: keeping a spare front door key or storing keys for a rental property.


Larger key safes, also known as key cabinets can also be used by businesses. They are ideal for owners of specific establishments or housing associations who require the safe storage of keys, and need to restrict the access to them. They are particularly useful for businesses and private owners, as well as the emergency services. The safes will vary in terms of their size and total storage capacity, but they are generally small and can easily be mounted on a wall.


There are three locking options available. The first is a standard key mechanism. The second is an electronic or digital lock they requires a code, chosen in advance, to be entered. The third, and most advanced locking type, is a mechanical combination lock.House Keys


Key safes are suitable for outdoor use, fitted to a wall or portable; they come in a variety of shapes and sizes as they are designed to store from an individual spare key to over 600 keys.

Key safes are really worth the investment. Prices for individual key safes start from as little as £5, and the larger key cabinets from around £20.


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