Royal Mail is the company in charge of distributing your mail and packages throughout the United Kingdom. Daily deliveries exceed 70 million items to 28 million addresses. Looking forward, the company leads its strategy toward the future challenges that might change the delivering landscape both locally and worldwide. Through its wide network of mail centres, distribution centres and delivery offices, Royal Mail is able to cover the whole territory and to deliver directly to your post box. Its aims are efficiency and rapidity, at low-cost. Modernisation and optimization are the keys to achieve these goals, and Royal Mail is continuously investing to increase the quality of its service.

Internet has modified a lot of things in people’s lives, like the way we consume or the way we access information. It has also brought about a new trend: online shopping. This current trend is a great opportunity for Royal Mail, as online buyers are often delivered at home. This is another chance for the company to show its adaptability and its efficiency. Unhappy consumers might turn toward other private companies to deliver their items, which the company wants to avoid.

As a consumer, online shopping is a good opportunity as well: handy and fast, it allows you to consume without leaving your house. Books, DVDs and clothing are the favourite items for home delivery. The problem can appear when being delivered: your dear mailboxes might not be able to contain the dozen of shoes and books you ordered the week before.

Post box producers are adapting as well to this new trend, offering a wide choice of items in terms of size, durability and capacity.

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    Mike Online Mall

    Is Royal Mail the British version of UPS(United Parcel Service) in the States?Is it a privately owned company or a government own company?I believe that the best companies are the privately owned companies.The United States Post Office would do a better job if it went private.


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