If you have attended a wedding reception in the recent past you may have noticed that traditions have changed over the years. Wedding days can get pretty hectic and the last thing you will want to be doing is worrying about misplaced gifts and cards.

Couples often choose to decorate a cardboard box and cut a slot to accept their gifts. But if you are looking for a unique, fun and interesting method of receiving and taking care of those precious wedding cards, gift vouchers, monetary gifts and keepsakes from loved ones during your wedding reception and would like something more luxurious and authentic than a decorated cardboard box, then you can choose to use a pillar box replica.

Any guest would instantly recognise this distinctive and unmistakable wedding post box, which you will be able to customize as you wish. Today it is common place and acceptable to request vouchers for a wide range of gifts and even monetary offerings. Guests clutching valuable envelopes and without an obvious place to drop them can often feel uneasy.


The post boxes will look great on the gift table or along with the wedding cake and bridesmaid bouquets. You can choose a preferred colour scheme. The classic post office red pillar box is world renowned and one of the longest standing icons of modern day Britain. The bold red pillar box stands out from any background but you can choose a more subtle colour scheme, for example a classy all white with black detail. There are quite a few companies out there who have started the trend for the good old fashioned English mail boxes. Moreover, the post boxes can be personalised with any wording you wish, a thankyou message or the bride and groom names and date.


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