Did you know that there is a “beauty pageant for letter boxes? Well, the show called “Aussie Letterbox Competition” receives annually hundreds of entries. Convened by Barry Mangelsdorf, the competition is looking for creative letterboxes. Showgoers are invited to vote for their favourite letterbox. The cash prize for winner is fluctuant, depending on the sponsor’s generosity. A selection of the many hundreds of photographs is usually published in the local magazines.

Letterbox competition rules are as follow: the mail slot should be approximately 1 metre above the ground and the dimensions for the letterbox is a maximum of 1.0m wide x 1.5m long x 2m high. But the area of the letterbox (length x width) must not exceed 1 square metre. Moreover, the mail slot should allow an A4 size envelope to lie flat inside; it should be large enough for all the mail to be pushed fully inside by the delivery officer; to feature a mail slot wide enough to fit mail through but not so large that a hand can reach inside; must be secured with a sturdy lock and to be free of sharp or jagged edges.

Entry into the competition is free. Judges are always looking for creativity for the Aussie Letterbox Competition.

The Safe Shop show case a large selection of high quality post boxes in a variety of finishes, in styles ranging from traditional stainless steel post boxes, to the traditional US style mail box.

For the Great British public, the traditional cast iron post boxes or built in the wall post boxes remain a favorite.

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