Send an e-card and save a tree. Perhaps this is what an environmental activist would say. Every year hundreds of thousands of trees are pulped to create the cards we send. By sending electronic greeting cards you can help prevent this from happening. It’s free, fast and you can send as many as you want.

In these days of e-mail and instant messaging, it’s amazing that anyone bothers to choose a card, sign, seal, address, stamp and mail it. But there are still people who think that there is nothing more insulting to the spirit of Christmas than sending or receiving an e-card. Christmas cards are part of a tradition of remembering, of making the effort to connect with other people. For many, the exchange of holiday cards takes root in childhood and they feel that something is missing if they don’t continue it. The personal touch, whether it’s as simple as a signature or as elaborate as a piece of art, is what resonates in a holiday card.

But it seems that fewer and fewer people can be bothered to send proper Christmas cards. According to Mintel, the research body, card-sending has withered from 84 to 73 per cent in the last three years.

Christmas is a time to spend with friends and family. Many of us send Christmas cards to friends and family. Most of us look forward to receiving holiday cards in our post boxes. Making old-fashioned connections through holiday cards is always welcome, no matter when the envelope finds its way home, into the mail box.

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