Christmas is a wonderful time of year. Many of us send Christmas cards to friends and family.

Worldwide, national postal services issue Christmas stamps with a Christmas theme, intended for use on seasonal mail such as Christmas cards. The choice of designs is highly variable, ranging from an overtly religious image of the Nativity, to secular images of Christmas trees, wreaths, and Santa Claus.

In Australia, this year’s Christmas issue includes two stamps with a religious theme and three that focus on the more secular elements of Christmas and offer an alternative to those who celebrate the festive season but who would prefer not to focus on the religious aspect of Christmas.

In New Zealand, Christmas often reflect on the true meaning of Christmas – the birth of baby Jesus. Therefore, the Christmas 2011 stamp issue features five illustrated gummed stamps that highlight key moments in the Nativity story (Baby Jesus; Angel; Mary and Joseph; Shepherds; Wise Men). Each gummed stamp has a unique diamond shape and features metallic gold printing, adding to the festive feel of the issue.

Last year, Academy Award winners Wallace and Gromit featured on Royal Mail’s Christmas stamps. The stamps featured the animated characters going about their festive duties.

Stamps serve a very important purpose because without stamps we would be unable to send mail. Make a change and send a Christmas card that is dropped in the post boxes down the street. To beat the Christmas rush, make sure you post your Christmas cards before the recommended last posting date to be assured that your friends and family will receive your mails on their mailbox on time.

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