New Zealand Post released a series of stamps about kiwi icons and distinctive aspects of New Zealand’s culture and history to be used on mails that are delivered all over the world in people’s post boxes.

Anyone can take a numerical journey from 1 to 21 in the ‘Kiwi’ way with the Counting in Kiwi stamp issue where numbers tell entertaining stories about this unique nation.

Available as a sheet, each of the 21 stamps in the issue has a distinctive ‘Kiwi’ meaning. Number 1 is represented by State Highway 1 – the road that runs the length of both the North and South Islands. As we count higher, we discover snippets of the New Zealand way of life until we reach 21 – the milestone birthday that is widely celebrated in New Zealand with a traditional 21st key.

Sales and Marketing Manager of the New Zealand Post Stamps Business Simon Allison said for the Scoop Media that “the ‘Counting in Kiwi’ stamp issue celebrates a diverse range of things which have become woven into the fabric of what it means to be a kiwi. Traditional kiwi icons are featured in the issue – like number 8 wire, and the 4 stars of the Southern Cross, as well as the Bluff oyster, the jandal and the humble lamington.”

“When kiwis look at these stamps they’ll immediately think ‘I’ve done that’, ‘I remember that’ or ‘that’s something I must get round to (…) and for international audiences these stamps record some of the things which make kiwi culture unique and vibrant,” Simon Allison said.

I love getting mail, real mail, especially from my New Zeeland friends, mail that our mail driver has to deliver to our mail box.

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