Stamps have been created to honour presidents, communities and events. Their designs celebrate the past, present and future. There is a stamp for just about every occasion, holiday or important event.

Each month the post office features a new stamp depending on the season and significance of the month. For instance, a pink ribbon or similar design is featured in October for breast cancer awareness month.

It was in 1996 that the international breast cancer expert Dr Ernie Bodai (a surgeon who performs lumpectomies and mastectomies on women with breast cancer) launched the first breast-cancer stamp.

The idea was for this stamp to raise donations for breast cancer research. Encouraged by the success, Dr Bodai has made it his life’s work to launch this stamp in as many countries as possible to promote national breast cancer research. He has already encountered success in many countries: from Kenya to Belize, from El Salvador to Hungary, Serbia and Kosovo – the “Pink Ribbon” stamp has already spread around the globe.

The funds generated by the Breast Cancer Stamp have gone to researchers making significant advances in breast cancer research and have been used to fund research grants to support new, innovative programs.

Worldwide, most pink ribbon stamps on the market are released by postal agencies to promote breast cancer awareness.

Stamps serve a very important purpose because without stamps we would be unable to send mail. Make a change and send a real letter with a pink ribbon stamp that is dropped in the post boxes down the street.

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