The letter box is a container used to receive mail. It is used for business or private homes. This is opposite a post box, where outgoing mail is sent. The letter box is also known as a mailbox, mail slot and letterbox.

The letter box is a term more frequently used in the UK while in the U.S., mail slot is utilised more often.

The European standard for letter boxes state the envelope size C4 must fit in the box easily and without causing damage. The box must be able to contain a stack of C4 envelopes 40 mm high minimum. The European standard also specifies various privacy, theft-protection, rain protection, vandalism resistance and corrosion-resistance test requirements.

When you buy mail boxes they must be of high quality so that they do not get damaged easily. You can try to use stainless steel mail boxes with a luxurious and impressive design which are also extremely weather resistant. You might also like to consider Designer post boxes. They offer a modern look and would not look out of place in the home.

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