DataGuard 120KToday sees the launch of our latest range of fire safes by Chubbsafes, the DataGuard NT.

Chubbsafes are synonymous with quality and the DataGuard is no exception. Designed specifically to protect all forms of computer data from fire the Chubbsafes DataGuard NT is sure to make a big impact in the business market.

There are four models to choose from with the smallest offering a capacity of 30 litres and the largest 128 litres. Each safe is secured by a key lock and is fire tested to NT Fire 017 – 120D ensuring a minimum 120 minutes fire protection for disks, tapes and external hard drives. The unique single layer protective barrier in the safe body allows the safe to maintain an internal temperature below 52°C, keeping the contents safe from heat.

The DataGuard NT includes shelves and drawers allowing you to manage your computer DataGuard 40Kdata easily rather than emptying it just to find that all important disk, but probably Chubbsafes best new feature is the slam-shut door action. Simple but incredibly effective in a busy office environment – simply slam the door closed and the safe automatically locks. It is common for safe doors to be left ajar in an office but this new addition provides immediate protection from fire and should not be underestimated.

View the Chubbsafes DataGuard NT or our full range of fire safes for computer data


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