Sentry Big BoltsSentry Safe, the market leading manufacturer from the US has recently launched its latest range of safes, the Big Bolts Fire Safe.

The innovative new fire safes have been designed to incorporate 60% bigger locking bolts than traditional home and office safes boasting 4 massive 25mm locking bolts and a pry resistant hinge bar to protect against attack.

The Sentry Big Bolts Fire Safes range includes four models, each with a different locking mechanism, mechanical combination, electronic combination or dual locking – combination and key lock.

Sentry Safe Big Bolts Fire SafesEach fire safe is independently tested to provide 60 minutes fire protection for documents and digital media such as disks or USB memory sticks and even includes a 15 foot drop test to simulate the collapse of a burning building. Door seals have also been added to provide water protection from sprinkler systems and fire hoses allowing the Big Bolts Fire Safe to stand in up to 8 inches of water for 24 hours.

As with most Sentry Safes the interior is fully featured with a range of useful fittSentry Safe Big Bolts SFW123GTCings including an adjustable shelf, key hook rack and 2 door compartments. The electronic locking models, SFW123 GTC and FSC also include an interior light.

View the new Sentry Safe Big Bolts Fire Safe


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