Getting robbed is bad enough, but on your wedding day?  As Canadian singer Michael Bublé was tying the knot with Argentinean actress Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre, burglars were invading their Buenos Aires house.

According to Police reports, the thieves knew how to disarm the security system and knew exactly where all the surveillance cameras in the celebrity’s home were so they could cover them.

The newlyweds were at a hotel in Argentina getting ready for the wedding, and no one was hurt, according to reports.

There was no news about what the thieves stole or how much damage was caused to the Bublé’s home.

If you feel like you’ve been hearing about lots of celebrities getting burglarised lately, it’s not your imagination — maybe it’s the economy, maybe it’s the increasingly many means of tracing their whereabouts, but the last year has been bad for stars’ security.

The business of home burglaries is booming. A huge threat comes from organized gangs who make a living hitting multiple homes every week. Burglary has been called “the silent crime” because the burglar uses stealth to enter homes and businesses when the owners are asleep or away.

There are three types of burglars – professional burglars, the thieves and the opportunists.
The professionals target mansions, major businesses and other high-end targets. Prior to committing the burglary, the professional burglar performs surveillance on the target. Although the targets generally have state-of-the-art alarm systems in place, the professionals use their knowledge and specialised tools to obstruct the systems.

Act to increase security and keep your home safe and secure. The burglary resistant safe is designed to keep your valuables safe from theft. The bedrooms are one of the first places a burglar will look for valuables, so avoid placing your home safe there.

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