There is always someone in your family who manages to frequently arrive home to find that they are minus their keys and locked out. So just where do you keep a spare house key that will get you out of trouble should you lose your keys or leave them back at the office?

Hide your house key under or in a plant pot, on top of the door frame, under a rock, in the mailbox, under that ornamental garden sculpture, in the hanging flower basket – wherever you think to hide your keys the thief will think to look.

A key lock is nothing if the keys are left for anyone to pick up. The majority of key safes are made up of a small to large boxes, made of secure galvanized steel and used as a versatile and effective way to store your keys.

Key storage boxes are designed to hold from one to five keys. They open and lock by setting a combination code of your choosing.

Most types are securely affixed to a wall close to your front door. When you arrive home you tap in the code, open the lockbox and take out the key. After opening your door you replace the key in the key safe and lock it ready for use next time.

Keep your key safe code secure and your keys in the safe lock cabinet! It does not matter how many keys you have as long as you keep them in a safe and secure place.

Investing in reliable key safes is probably the best thing you could ever do.

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