On March 16, an LA home was burglarised and property was taken from the residence.

According to Police reports, the unknown suspects jumped over a security gate, used an unknown hard object to smash the side glass door and entered the residence. Once inside the home the suspects searched the location looking for items of value. The suspects set off the security alarms.

Police say the burglars took the safe from a walk-in closet, and used a rug to move it down some stairs and out the front door. The victim’s safe was believed to contain personal documents, jewellery and cash valued at approximately $10,000,000.00. That is quite amazing to have that much value in a home safe.

Investigators, however, have expressed some reservations about the value of the items because the owner has been unable to provide documentation. Moreover, the homeowners said their house is insured, but the contents of the safe were not.

Homeowners should know that burglary resistant safes can be bolted to the ground, or can be concealed in a wall or anchored in a concrete floor. The burglar-resistant safe is constructed with solid metal walls and a heavy door resistant to attack by drilling, cutting or prying. Hardened and drill resistant metals are often used to slow down attempts to break in to these types of home safe.

Choose a safe with at least 2 solid steel anti-drill rotating bolts. Select a safe with recessed doors for insertion protection, anti-labyrinth mechanism, tamper-proof security screws and bolt-side reinforced mechanism. Furthermore, choose one that features a good quality lock equipped with relocking device so that just in case an amateurish thief tries to tamper with the lock, the device automatically relocks the bolts.

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