Do you constantly update your status on Facebook, Twitter, and other such social networking websites? Do you tell your online contacts where you go?  If you do, you are unintentionally extending an open invitation to burglars…

Police are warning that criminals are using social networkinginternet sites to plan burglaries. Officers warn that messages indicating that homes may be empty over holidays can leave householders vulnerable to crime. For example, one family have blamed Facebook for a break-in which cost them more than £30,000.
Acording to The Telegraph, “While fans of social media like to post broadcast every move, police said it can have a highly detrimental effect as it leaves their homes at the mercy of criminals.

And now insurers are warning they face higher insurance premiums if they were the victims of crime having publicised being away.”

Studies show that an alarmingly large number of burglars use social networking websites to identify potential properties for burglary. An insurance company carried out a survey of 50 former burglars, which revealed that monitoring social networking sites is now big business for criminals.

“Using Facebook or Twitter to boast about a big night out or a fortnight in Barbados may impress friends and colleagues, but it’s enough to give the savvy burglar all they need to know,” said Pete Markey,  spokesman for the insurance company More Than.

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