If you are looking to buy property in the UK, you will no doubt be interested to hear which areas have the lowest crime rates. It turns out that the safest place to live in the UK is Eastbourne.

A new national survey has revealed that the city has among the lowest burglary rates in the UK. The survey, compiled using data from leading insurance companies, shows that the BN23 postcode area has the joint lowest incidence of burglary in the country.

Burglary statistics in Eastbourne in 2006 were the worst in Sussex. But since 2007, burglary in the whole of Eastbourne fell by 39%, far in excess of a targeted drop of 15%. The drop in burglary follows a major focus by Sussex Police and the Community Safety Partnership to catch and convict burglars locally.

“This latest survey confirms once again that our partnership with Sussex Police is making a real difference to people’s quality of life in Eastbourne,” said Councillor Margaret Bannister. “Eastbourne’s total crime rate has also dropped by a staggering 18% thanks to the tireless efforts of the police, the partnership and local residents. However, there is always more work to be done to reduce even further the rate of burglary…,” she added.

In London, a recent report on the safest areas in which to live suggests that those heading for the capital would do well to consider the boroughs of Kensington, Chelsea and Wandsworth. Although Chelsea and Kensington both offer low levels of criminal damage, there is a slightly greater chance of suffering a burglary in those areas.

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