Why use a postcard? Many people think that postcards are just something that gets sent to friends when they go on vacation.  Although that is true, one can see there are a number of other reasons.

Postcards can serve as advertising functions. They are small, fast, cheap, and effective. A postcard has instant visibility because it’s out there to be seen and read immediately. No envelope to hide your real message.

Most people find postcards irresistible, and will look them over even if they eventually throw them away. Because the postcard requires so little effort, it is more likely to generate action: it is read and acted upon immediately, rather than being shelved along with the other mail for possible later action.

The postcard is much more cost-effective than other marketing tools. A postcard-sized display ad in a metropolitan daily newspaper will normally cost several times as much as a postcard mailing. And the postcard, handled properly, will provide a much greater return on investment, because it is more precisely targeted, and not wasted on non-prospects like the majority of a newspaper’s readers.

Moreover, postcards can be a means to simply say “Hi.” People often send postcards from vacation or use local postcards as greeting cards.  Also, postcards can be used to show someone how nice of a time you are having on your vacation. As tourism became a bigger industry, postcards became more popular as a way to show where you have been and where you are going.

There can be no doubt about importance and influence of technology on our life, still one of the most powerful forms of communication that we see very little of today is the letter or post card that is dropped in the  down the street.

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