Holiday letting has become increasingly popular throughout the UK, home owners are renting their furnished apartments or houses for temporary housing for tourists who would rather stay in a home than a hotel. If you own a home in a holiday location, you may make the decision to rent it out to vacationers, before agreeing to this there are many things you may want to consider…

Also with the property being rented to many people there is an increased possibility of theft or damage, so to prevent this from happening, all valuables are best to be removed out of the house or kept in a home safe.

Moreover, managing holiday lets can be challenging, especially when it comes to getting keys to holiday rental guests. One of the most popular methods is to use a lockable key safe to store keys. These are usually mounted on an exterior wall near to the door. Key safes can also be useful when guests arrive late in the evening or early.

Holiday home insurance companies will only cover theft claims if there are signs of forcible and violent entry. When a burglar uses a key hidden outside the holiday home, it would be considered an unforced entry, and then the insurer is likely to decline the claim. In some instances, remote holiday homes have been totally cleared out without any signs of entry.

Make sure that there are no problems with keys fitting into the key safe or locking, to avoid guests leaving it open on departure.

A key safe is also efficient for the property maintenance. It is useful where various tradesmen enter properties to undertake necessary repairs and inspections.

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