It is too easy to overlook key aspects of office security. A key safe is one of the best office security upgrades you can invest in and it doesn’t cost much time or money.

There are a number of keys for everything from business vehicles through to filing cabinets. But employees usually leave the keys out hanging up on a rack. Anyone can access all the keys for the business just by entering the office.

Keys are getting lost because there is no way of tracking them. This costs a lot of money in replacement keys.

A key safe is a simple and affordable solution to the problem of accessing and protecting business keys. With a key safe, a manager can restrict access to the keys for the business from the filing cabinets through to the main office doors.

The key safe is protected by a PIN lock system. This meant only those with the PIN code can access the keys inside. The key safe enables the one in charge to program a different code for each member of staff to grant access to the key safe. Consequently, the manager is able to track who had last accessed the key cabinet.

The key safes also feature racks so employees can hang up the keys and label them. This really helps with the organization of the office keys and saves a lot of time and confusion.

When a member of staff quits, the manager is able to delete his PIN number from the system. This eliminated the problem of former employees being able to access the keys in the future which is a big security vulnerability for the business.

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