The best way to deal with crime at home is to take every possible measure to prevent it, that includes minimising the risks of appearing as an easy target.

By doing simple things like keeping doors locked, installing safety windows, adding a burglar alarm, keeping exterior lights on at night, or just avoid having tall bushes that someone can hide behind, you might prevent your home from becoming a target. It would also be very helpful to have cameras and other home security devices guarding your house.

Another good idea is to collaborate with your neighbours to keep each other safe. This can be done through a neighbourhood watch group. A strong, watchful community makes burglar’s jobs very difficult, and in most cases deters them from trying in the first place. You can also put out signs that indicate you have people watching out for suspicious behaviour, or signs indicating that your house is protected by a private security firm.

Home safes are one of the most efficient ways to keep prized possessions protected at all times, especially in the case of burglary. According to statistics provided by the law enforcement, burglars spend only a few minutes in any targeted house. In most cases the burglary lasts less than 10 minutes. They are aware that the longer amount of time they spend inside, the greater the chances of getting caught or incur risks like somebody returning home or neighbours calling the police. Thus burglars will only check a few areas where they suspect cash or valuables might be hidden. In the rare case that they actually come across a hidden home safe, they won’t attempt to break into it as it is usually a very lengthy and intricate process.

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