Most houses in Britain have a letter box in the front door, usually a simple slot with a flap over it, through which the post is delivered each morning. The Post Office first encouraged people to provide these in 1849. Similar letter boxes were provided at post offices for people sending letters. One such letter box which was originally in the wall of the Wakefield Post Office has the date 1809 on it and is probably the oldest British letter box still in existence.

Royal Mail estimates there are over 100,000 post boxes in the United Kingdom. There are three types of Post Boxes; Pillar, Wall and Lamp. Pillar Boxes are the most recognizable, cylinders, sunk into the ground with a round dome.

Wall Boxes are built into a wall so just the front shows.

Lamp Boxes are smaller and are fixed to posts or telegraph poles, usually in rural areas.

Do you like Victorian looking boxes? Your choice of post box can be fully finished with lock and key as there are companies that can supply original collection plates and tablets on many models or else precise replicas and your piece can be finished in a range of enamel colours.

If you want a modern looking one, you could choose contemporary post boxes which would not look out of place in the home or office. Available in a variety of styles in either plastic or stainless steel Safe Shop’s wide range of designer silver post boxes all include free UK delivery.

Looking for the traditional American feel? Choose the US style mailboxes can be mounted on a fence or wall.

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