Mail box is not merely a useful supply to hold mail delivered by the postman to your house. It also becomes a great accessory for your exterior, especially for your yard.

On the same time, mail boxes have accessories too. They add additional functionality and style to every mail box. There are many types of mail box accessories the market today, with products ranging from decorative plaques to lights and locks.

Mail box plaques are available for both wall and post mounted boxes. Many plaques come with hardware for easy mounting to most plastic and stainless steel post boxes. Your plaque should be made from a rust-free material and weather-resistant.  Some plaques are elaborately engraved and others are illuminated for easy nighttime viewing from a distance.

Decorative plaques prominently displaying your street address adds style and character to any mail box. Also known as Mailbox Toppers, Mailbox Plaques, Address Plaques and Mail Plaques, this unique metal art mounted to the top of your mail box make your home easier for others to locate.

Another interesting accessory is the mail box cover.  Mailbox covers are versatile and available in various themes for all seasons.  Covers normally fit any standard size metal, plastic, fiberglass or aluminium post box. Perfect for that touch of colour and personality, mailbox covers are a fun way to decorate your mailbox for every season or event, be it Easter, Christmas or a birthday party. They can quickly and easily be placed on or removed from the mailbox. Many are even fade resistant.

An upright red flag on mail boxes is used to signal that you have outgoing mail inside and want the mail carrier to stop and pick it up. But there are homeowners that like to enhance their mailbox by trading in their standard red flag for something which more reflects their personality.

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