People don’t usually give too much thought to their mailboxes, but maybe they should! After all, a mailbox is one of the first things people see when they pull up to your home. If yours is old, dented or peeling now is the time to replace it with a beautiful new model that will do credit to you and your home. There are plenty of choices out there to choose from.

Novelty mailboxes are mailboxes that have been dressed up or decorated in some fashion.

A simple way to really make things look new outside your home is to swap out your tired old American style mail box for something new and exciting. There are a lot of novelty mailboxes that allow you to show off your favourite animal, your team spirit, or your patriotism. You can get a mailbox with a theme and even if the rest of your exterior decor is subtle, you can add a fun feature with a new mailbox. If a theme mailbox is too much, consider a mailbox in a bright solid colour that jumps out.

Novelty wood mailboxes are so unusual and come all shapes and designs from animals to people to vehicles. Another way to show your personality and make the driveway more exciting is to customize wood mailboxes. You can hand-paint with scenes or designs that fit your style and match the theme of the yard.

If you are a motorcycle fan, what better way to look cool than with a personalized motorcycle mail box? There are also unique post boxes for the fishing enthusiasts.

If you’re not into budget post boxes, then tropical theme mailboxes are the just the thing for your camp house, summer home or boat slip.  Let’s not forget the sports fans. A full line of officially-licensed NFL football helmet shaped mailboxes are available from Amazon.


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