The following article outlines the importance of bolting your safe down to a solid surface.

A recent report in the news describes how two thieves were spotted wheeling a pair of safes away from a business premises in Ipswich, containing £6,500 cash and vital correspondence and paperwork.

The loss of cash for a business can be troublesome to say the least, but the loss of important documents can cause a company to go out of business. Why take the risk by leaving your safe unsecured?

At The Safe Shop® we supply a number of Security Safes of varying security levels and sizes where the vast majority are designed to be bolted down to a floor via designated fixing points. A fixing kit will usually accompany the safe when delivered.

If DIY is not for you, we offer Professional installation on many of the safes that we supply.

Some of our smaller Home Safes are relatively lightweight. The opportunist thief will grab what they can as quickly as possible to avoid being caught in the act. If they can wheel or carry your safe away to try and break into it, in their own time, they will do. Given the correct tools and the required time, without the pressure of a burglary alarm going off, they may be able to break into your safe and help themselves to you valued belongings.

If your safe is suitably bolted to a solid surface, the thief will stand little chance to take your safe along with its belongings, will become frustrated and flee empty handed

Check out our guide on how to How to install a home safe

The news report concluded that the two thieves we’re interrupted by the police and later arrested.

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