The following article outlines the importance of keeping your valuables secured in a safe and installing it correctly.

A recent report in the Northern Echo describes how a stolen Chubb Safe was recovered by the police near Sunderland. Police are desperately trying to reunite the discarded safe with the victim and are appealing to anybody who believes that this safe might be theirs to come forward.

Even the strongest safe is penetrable given the correct expertise and tools. However, these thieves could not open the safe and didn’t want to waste their time trying to open it.

This is true for most opportunist thieves. They want to grab what they can as quick as they can. If your safe is installed correctly, they will not be able to carry the safe away with them.

Selected Chubbsafes products at The Safe Shop include free professional installation to give you the peace of mind that you will stop thieves from taking your valued possessions.

Luckily for this owner, the safe has arrived in safe hands and will hopefully arrive back to its rightful owner.

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