It is the final week of National Home Security Month and the main focus is the future of digital home security.

We live in a digital age and with technology constantly evolving we are more reliant on our laptops, tablets and smart phones. There are various apps available to download that allow you to monitor, activate and deactivate your security devices.

Yale have created a ‘Crime Watcher‘ app that allows you to see how may reported burglaries there have been in your area. What more motivation do you need when it comes to securing your home!

Digital door locks  are also becoming a more popular alternative to the standard door locks, as carrying keys is generally regarded as being a hassle and can easily be lost or stolen. A mechanical door lock does not require batteries and there is no need for wiring but can lack the ability to include advanced features that might be present on the electronic door locks such as multiple access codes and LED indicators. See our full range of door locks for our lowest price guaranteed and free UK mainland delivery.

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