A recent article in the Mail Online describes how $2.5 Million worth of gold and silver coins were found inside a safe that had been given up as scrap in Houston Texas. The Safe had belonged to to a coin collector who recently died. The locksmith who took more than 20 hours to crack the safe got quite the surprise when he stumbled up on this hidden treasure.

Family members of the safe owner were clearing out some of his old belongings and gave the safe away to an individual who was planning to sell the safe as scrap. All the family asked in return was for any belongings that were discovered in the safe to be returned to them. The attorney who acted on behalf of the family in this case confirmed that the man who died had been collecting coins for decades.

The man who was given the safe was curious to know what was inside it before parting company, so he took the safe to a locksmith to be opened. The concrete lined, high security safe, took a professional locksmith more than 20 hours to crack after drilling 10 holes through the six-inch walls of the safe.

This acts as a great advert to the safe industry as it clearly indicates that an opportunist thief would have no chance of steeling your belongings if suitably secured in a safe. The model of the safe was not confirmed but it was clearly similar to our Eurograde range of high security safes.

The locksmith who opened the safe, David Molick, explained…

“There were 50 Krugerrands in one pipe, and brand new, un-circulated silver dollars in ammo boxes. All of them were well over half full. The entire safe must’ve weighed at least 3,000 pounds,’ said Molick, who estimates that the contents could be worth $2.5 million.”

The hidden treasure was destined for the scrap yard and nobody would have been any the wiser. This truly is a miraculous discovery.

Police took the coins temporally until the family and the man who had been given the safe reached and “undisclosed” agreement. The coins were eventually divided between both of the parties involved.

I have to say, I’m not sure that I would have been as honest in the same situation. The man who went to the trouble to open the safe was incredibly honest to own up to finding the coins as the family were clearly unaware of their existence. How honest would you be in the same circumstance?

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